Less-touristy Spot In Philippines | 21 Things Why Mag Aso Falls Is A Place To Go

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Tired of mainstream travels? Everybody goes and has a picture there? Try something that is unknown to many. Get the same euphoria nature could give. Try Mag Aso Falls and here are 21 Reasons Why. See how to get to Mag aso and contacts below.

1. Twinning falls – Hail to the plummeting twin waterfalls. You may say wow the moment you see them.

2. Misty – Mist produced by the waterfalls are caused by collisions and turbulence that causes water molecules to break off into much smaller droplets and be out of the stream. This gives the waterfalls the smokey effect. Smoke in the local dialect is “aso”. From there, naming the falls “Mag-aso”.

3. Blue waters – ‘Tis the kind of blue on why people come along, anyway. Breathtakingly blue, babe. And it is just like that at all times. It would never be soiled or become milky mud comes the rain because of its rock floors.

Mag aso

4. Paradise – just paradise. You can write a poem about it. (Just like Wolfgang to Staubbach Falls, eh?)

Mag aso

5. Cliff diving – there are spots where you could do diving in Mag Aso. Don’t be too near where the water hits the plunge pool as it may create powerful whirlpools. Careful, babe.

Mag aso

6. Family Friendly – who says only millennials go crazy over travels? You can bring your Baby Boomer Dad or your Centennial nephew and they sure would have a thing or more to enjoy in Mag Aso.

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7. Water spa – lots of mini cascades to sit on. Feel the flushing water against your stress points. Who cares about your city life now?

8. Man-made pool – get a good cold dip in their swimming pool sustained by the spring. Theres just 101 things about spring waters. From boosting our immune system, blood circulation to releasing of endorphins. Happy swimming!

9. Fallen tree in a pond – you would see an uprooted tree bridging the other sides of a pond. Would remind you of your fave adventure movie scenes like LOTR. Very instagramming.

Mag aso

10. Less touristy – so it is less crowded. It is preserved, less commercialized, and after all the reasons why you went off for a vacation is to have a peaceful moment. I am also impressed how Mag aso strikes the balance of keeping the place comfortable to tourists and being well connected to nature at the same time.

11. Less commercialized – just because it is somewhere pretty doesn’t mean it has to be costly. There are lots of resorts wherein your every move requires a fee and almost everything is operating for business. Mag aso is not your usual overpriced vacation. Read on.

12. P50 entrance fee – all of the above for the price of 50. Good deal, right?

13. P200 cottage – could accomodate upto 12 pax. Some of the cottage have battered roofs so if it rains, might get your stuff drenched. Might as well choose a good one. Can stay overnight.

14. P1000 room rate – Mag aso could acommodate 2-4 pax with 2 beds. They are not strict as to how many of you are staying since they have only 2 rooms. They charge P200 for additional foams.

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15. Free camping – you can setup your tent for free and burn mallows and scare each other.

16. P2 toilet and dressing room – Umm, you are not expecting too much with that price, right?

17. Open 24 hours – get there anytime of the day

18. Bring your own food – even the staff would encourage you to do this. Yes dear, no corkage.

19. Grilling time – Barbeque weather or not, you’ll sure be turning coals and brushing sauce to the pork you marinated last night. Thanks to the resort, grilling equipment is ready for bbq enthusiasts.

20. Flights of stairs – You have to get down five flight of stairs to be at close to the falls. So going back up could be a challenge bec it is like getting up to the 6th floor of the building without the elevator. It could get slippery when raining so get a good grip of the hand rails and gosh, keep the kids close.

21. This is funny – There is a pool outside the resort that is named: Mag Pusa (Funnehhh ?)


How to go to Mag Aso falls

Mag-aso falls is located in Sitio Dug- anon, Barangay Oringao, Kabankalan, Philippines.

  • From Silay City Airport take a shuttle van to Bacolod South Terminal bus for P150
  • Ride a bus bound to Kabankalan -P120
  • Ride a tricycle to Oringao public market or Merkado – P8
  • Ride a jeepney having Mabinay route and ask the driver to drop you off going to Mag Aso – P40
  • Take a tricycle going to Mag Aso at P100 to be divided by the number of passengers in the tricycle. If you dont want to wait for other passengers you can deal with the driver that you pay for the whole amount of P100.
  • If you do not like the hassle of transferring rides or if you are travelling as a group it would be smart to rent a van. Usual rate is Php2,200 with driver for 10 hours. Contacts below.

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22 thoughts on “Less-touristy Spot In Philippines | 21 Things Why Mag Aso Falls Is A Place To Go

  1. Thanks for the tip. Mag Aso is definitely a must-see.

    1. Thank you, Ardz! So pleased to hear that ☺️☺️

  2. This is awesome!! I love hidden spots that tourists don’t normally know about! 😀 Adding to the travel list for sure! 😀

    1. Hi Jillian! We have same love for hidden spots 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy Philippines!

  3. Hi Alina, I’m glad I was able to share this post to you. I hope i had helped 🙂

  4. If I were to visit the Philippines, this would be a spot I would want to see. My camera would be full from all fo the photos I would be taking at this spot. I like that the hotel has BBQ equipment available to guests to use. I would have never thought to have visited this spot!

    1. Hi Lian, you one kind of BBQ enthusiast! Good news is the city is famous for its chicken bbq. Must try!

  5. Your pictures are stunning!! Love that you are giving less-touristy spots to go to! It’s so hard to find areas like these when searching on google because you automatically get re-directed to a bunch of ads and stuff. Great post!

    1. Hi Abbie, i love the way you show appreciation to less touristy spots. I hope you get to visit lots of it! 🙂

  6. This place looks like a hidden paradise. The waterfall looks so good and the colour of the water soo blue. The real essence of a city or country lies in such hidden spots that visitors/tourists don’t know much about. Thank you for showing us this hidden treasure 🙂

  7. These photos are so beautiful. I have always wanted to visit the Philippians and this gorgeous blue water is just increasing that want ten fold!

  8. This looks absolutely amazing and I love finding non-touristy spots!!

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