3 Tips to Help You Eat Like a Local

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One thing you’ll find a lot of on this blog is places to eat when you’re traveling. Visiting new places and trying new dishes is half the fun of travel! We’ve featured plenty of restaurants and eateries here, from authentic Italian to unique cafes and bars. 


But, have you ever wondered how to find the best places to eat when you’re traveling? How do you know which spots to check out, and which ones to avoid? 


The best thing to do is to travel with the mindset of eating like a local. It’s easy to go for “touristy” spots, but when you focus on local fare, you’re bound to get something fantastic and creative every time. 


With that in mind, let’s look at three tips to help you eat like a local, no matter where your travels take you.



  1. What is the Must-Try Food?


Wherever you’re going, there is undoubtedly a “must-try” food. When you figure out what that food is, you can start narrowing down the places that do it right. For example, if your travels take you to Nashville, you might want to find the best spot for hot chicken. If you go to Texas, you’ll want some great BBQ. Heading to England? Find out where you can get a full, traditional English breakfast. In a college town in Ohio? Find a fantastic place with pizza, gyros, and sandwiches like Skally’s Restaurant.


Regional foods become famous for a reason. But, there are always one or two places that do it better than anyone else. 


  1. Visit Local Neighborhoods


In order to truly eat like a local, you may need to go off the beaten path from time to time. This is especially true if you’re visiting a foreign country. Most countries have touristy areas where you can find just about every type of cuisine to eat. 


But, if you’re willing to explore smaller locations where people of that country live, you’re also bound to find more authentic, traditional food. If you’re going somewhere where they speak a different language, it can help to learn a few common questions and phrases, so you can communicate with the locals and ask them where you should eat. 


  1. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone


One of the biggest reasons people don’t get a chance to experience local cuisine when they travel is their own palette. Being a picky eater starts in childhood, but it can sometimes carry over into adulthood as well, and can keep you from trying incredible new things. 


The good news? You can overcome picky eating by introducing yourself to new foods slowly. It requires stepping out of your comfort zone, and there is no better time to do that than when you’re traveling somewhere new. There is a whole world of cuisine out there, and it’s meant for everyone to enjoy. If you’re refusing to eat things just because they’re unfamiliar, you’re missing out on an essential part of the culture you’re visiting. 


Because food and travel go hand-in-hand, it’s important to immerse yourself in the location, wherever you’re going. That means eating like a local as much as possible. Keep these tips in mind, no matter where your travels take you next. 


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