5 Summer Promos For Your Skin at Xanderm Aesthetic Center!

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Summer is here and you need more than sunscreen. It’s the time of the year when showing a little skin is less judged, lol. Be fully confident with these 5 services you need from Xanderm Aesthetic Center. Rejoice coz these 5 services are on 2+1 promo!

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1. Complete Underarm Whitening Treatment 

This is one of the best-reviewed services of Xanderm Aesthetic Center. And this summertime, they are not holding it back from you. Avail their 2+1 promo and wave higher to the sun this time.


2. Diode Laser Hair Removal

Summertime is not the best time to be cutie Chewbacca hairy. Remove those unwanted hair coz it’s now on 2+1 promo!


3. CaviSlim (Ultracavitation)

Break up with those fats without getting hurt. No crying time for it is nonsurgical. No moving on stage coz it has no downtime. It reduces fats in a safe way and as effective as liposuction.

4. Theralift (RF) 

Theralift uses energy to heat tissue and stimulate sub-dermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin. The process provides an alternative to a facelift and other cosmetic surgeries. It has been approved by the FDA as a non-surgical treatment for problematic skin imperfections. Instead of the usual daily lifting routines, like weight lifting to firm your body, and doing yoga to lift your spirit, why not start lifting saggy skin with our Theralift?

5. IV Nutrient Therapy Drips 

This drip (SKINNY-ME) is specifically designed to help you slim down in 3 highly effective ways: by burning fat, increasing metabolism and by suppressing your appetite. This drip will also help the body to produce more energy which will allow you to perform an exercise at higher intensities for longer periods of time.

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