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8 Things Marina Bay Spa Could Offer at P1,700 – Updated 2020

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Hi, how are you? It’s ok, love. There would be days that Thought Catalog, Poems Porn, 9gag, could NOT make you feel better. But I bet a spa could fix that. And Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club has not only one, but eight ways to calm you down.

Marina Bay Spa Review

There are eight facilities in Marina Bay Spa to enjoy and it is important to know how to use these for maximum health benefits. Maximize these facilities through hydrotherapy cycle — hot, cold, relax, repeat according to Liz Tortolani (17 years on wellness industry) on Well+Good.

Marina Bay Spa
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1. Steam Room.
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The hydrotherapy cycle of hot, cold, and relax is famous since I don’t know when. The first step is to enter the steam room which is the start of the detoxification process as it opens up your pores. It improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, clears congestion, clears acne, blah blah. Don’t stay for more than fifteen minutes as it can dehydrate you. At least five minutes will do. Then take a cold shower to rinse off the sweat and close the pores that were opened.

2. Hot Bath.

Next is to plunge yourself on a hot bath, only at neck level for 10 minutes. It could reduce heart attack risk, improve blood sugar control, lower blood pressure, burn calories and protects from illness and infection. You can take a cold shower again.

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3. Sauna Room.
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Benefits of sauna room is relaxation and pain relief. You may take 7-10 minutes. If it is too hot for you, you may lie down on lower benches as it is less hot than the upper benches. Just like steam bath, it can cause dehydration so be sure to drink lots of water before and after sauna.

4. Cold bath.

Instead of taking shower, plunge to the cold pool. The hotter you got in the sauna, the better it would feel plunging in to the cold, woooh! Channel out your inner Ice Queen, (or maybe Elsa if you have the voice.)

5. Ganban’yoku (Hot Stone Spa)
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After cooling down on the waters, you may want to relax on their Japanese rock beds. The list goes on for its benefits. Here at Marina Bay Spa, you can take the hot stone spa while watching TV. You can put on

6. Massage Treatment
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Have your 60 minute full body massage with selection of Marina Signature Massage, Wellness Massage, Sports Massage, Recharge Stone Therapy Massage, Bamboo Massage, Relaxing Crystal Chakra Aromatic Slimming Massage, Mother-To-Be- Massage. I honestly don’t understand those kinds of massage so I opted for the signature as it is easy to say haha. Rooms are private so you won’t hear someone’s snore by the next room. Or, is there really someone from the next room? You wouldn’t know because it is a wall divider and not curtains.

7. Relaxing Lounge
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After your full body massage take your tea on the La-Z-Boys and have that Joey-Chandler moment with your best friend.

8. Crystal Dining Buffet
 Marina Bay Spa
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The eighth and maybe the most exciting part is the buffet dining. Marina Bay Spa are from Viking’s Group which is famous for its buffet restaurants across the country. The food choices are not as wide as the usual Viking’s restaurant but I must say that it is much delicious. My favorite there was the hakaw. Since then, it was my benchmark of best hakaw and could never find one that is second best. Yeeeees, #hakawtakaw??

Marina Bay Spa
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Visitor Tour

As a bonus to your self treat, you can always ask for a tour to their infinity pool overlooking the Marina Bay.

Marina Bay Spa

Marina Bay Spa

Marina Bay Spa

When you go there please look for  Miss Numata Clarence and she’ll give you excellent accommodation at Marina Bay Spa ?



Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club

Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Seaside Blvd.
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 1300

  834 1888 / +63 977 831 2888 / +63 920 976 8888


Monday to Thursday

11:00am – 12:00am (last call at 10:00pm)

Friday to Sunday

11:00am – 2:00am (last call at 12:00am)


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