Acacia Hotel Bacolod

Acacia Hotel Bacolod: My Hotel Quarantine Experience

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Being a Bacolod LSI, you would become familiar with canceled flights, travel authorities, med certs, and notice of acceptance. With all the travel protocols changing from time to time, being a locally stranded individual (not only in Bacolod) may not be too comfortable.

Tips for Bacolod LSIs

With my personal experience, a few things that helped me much in returning home

(1.) Joining FB messenger group for LSIs that is administered by respective LGU. Every LGU has its own travel protocols so a messaging channel administered by LGU would be helpful to get first-hand instructions. Bacolod is a Highly Urbanized City (HUC) so it operates independently from the nearby cities in the province. So even when you are boarding on the same plane, do not just ask around some passengers what to do next coz chances are they may have different policies than Bacolodnons. I used to be like that asking stupid questions to people around but, not. in. a. pandemic.

Messenger link for Bacolod LSIs: or you may refer to sir Robert Jan Torres  for your requirements to be processed.

(2.) Getting information from friends who successfully made their way home. They might have some tips to share on how they managed to go home because they experienced it. Or sometimes, some regrets for the things they should’ve done or wished they knew before going home. And now to make them feel better they are imparting the wisdom to a deserving friend, and that should be you.

(3.) Planning and booking ahead of time. Ah, you know this my friend. Travel authorities, med certs, notice of acceptance have their expiration dates. Quarantine hotels are being booked like crazy. Also, plane tickets cost higher than the old normal. Mangaman gid ta ya eh, budlay na.

Swab Test Upon Arrival

  • Swab tests are required upon arrival and the Bacolod City government offers it for free. Results could be given as early as 3 days.
  • You can also opt to be swabbed by Red Cross and could get it within 24-48 hours with a fee of P4,000 for the swab test and a service charge of P1,000. This tip we got from an OFW friend.

Quarantine Facility

  • If you were swabbed thru the Bacolod City government for free you would be placed in elementary school quarantine facilities and would be released once the result of your swab test turns negative.
  • If you opted for a Red Cross swab you would book ahead of time for hotel quarantine affiliated with Red Cross.

Acacia Hotel Bacolod

acacia hotel bacolod

One of the affiliated hotels of the Red Cross is the Acacia Hotel formerly Bacolod Pavilion Hotel. It was established in 2019 and is anticipated to be the “entertainment destination” of the City of Smiles.

acacia hotel bacolod

Tbh, I never expected too much out of my P2,500 hotel stay. What mattered to me is that I have a private space to stay in with a decent internet connection. Importante, buhi!  But entering our hotel, I can’t help snapping photos.

acacia hotel bacolod


  • Hot shower that is working fine!!
  • Flat-screen tv, no Netflix but ok
  • Vault
  • Fridge
  • Cabinets
  • Landline to call Red Cross

acacia hotel bacolod

It was a surprise for me to open the windows.

acacia hotel bacolod

A perfecting quadrangle framing the seaport, sorrowless trees, and the dancing white grass.

acacia hotel bacolod

acacia hotel bacolod

This one is reminding me of Vincent Van Gogh’s, Chair. Although not really, but it is green and wooden and the floor.acacia hotel bacolod

acacia hotel bacolod
?Mirror, mirror I wish you could lie to me And bring my baby back, bring my baby back ribs? ? Funny yan, ghooorl?

Acacia Hotel Bacolod’s #SimplyHeartfeltService

As a returning LSI, we were officially PUM or person under monitoring. Being under hotel quarantine, we were not given keycards to our room. We leave the room, the door gets locked behind us, we could never get back. Unless we would be asking the hotel staff to open it for us. They are all approachable, from the front desk up to the van driver. Good morning sir/ma’am everywhere, small talks in elevators, if you keep quiet they would ask you if you are ok. You know, things like these you couldn’t buy. Or maybe I just miss Bacolod so much where everyone is extra sweet and kind and smiley. City of Smiles after all is not just a tourism tagline for Bacolod, yeah bah!

acacia hotel bacolod

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acacia hotel bacolod

Our swab test result really came out fast, thank you Red Cross! Results negative, salamat Ama ? We were swabbed at 5:00 PM and the result came out at 1:00 AM the following morning.

And because our test came out negative, we were ready to check out. We checked in at 4:00 PM and so are check out was 4:00 PM the following day.


With the hotel stay for two, 3 meals for each, van transfer from the airport, it was more than what I expected.

Description Price
Van transfer from airport P 2,500
Hotel Stay for two (2)
6 total packed meals for 2
Swab Test P 4,000
Service charge for Swab test P 1,000
Total P 7,500


acacia hotel bacolod


acacia hotel bacolod

Acacia Hotel Bacolod

Burgos Street Ext., Reclamation Area,
Bacolod City, Philippines

Tel No. (034) 433-9562 | (034) 433-5989


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  1. I am glad you were able to get home safely and had a negative covid test!

  2. I would love to quarantine at this beautiful acacia hotel! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. The hotels looks so nice and it’s so affordable. The swab test is more expensive. Lolz

  4. I am glad that your CoVid19 test result is negative and you can now aloud to go home and see your loved without any worries and doubts.

  5. Looks like a nice place to stay! Glad your test was negative and all is well.

  6. Good to hear that your test was negative. I have to say I miss hotel life. I’ve been dying to get away for a trip for ages now. Maybe next year.

  7. Looks like a beautiful view. So glad you were able to get home to your family.

  8. Such a nice hotel. I’ve never been to Bacolod, only to Ilo-Ilo. I would love to visit someday.

  9. Love this hotel. It’s simple, modern and clean! I would like to stay there!

  10. This hotel seems lovely. If you have to be stuck someplace, it is good to be stuck someplace comfortable and beautiful like this one.

  11. This looks like a really comfy room. I would love to have a stay there.

  12. this looks like a great hotel. i’ll have to remember this for if I’m in the area.

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