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You are on your late 20s and all you want is to sit on a comfortable chair, take a sip of coffee and maybe figure out your life. Well, you are about to get lucky because somewhere along Sheridan St., Mandaluyong there is a place called Artesania. A furniture showroom that allows you to sit around their pieces while they brew your artisan coffee. Perfect way to deal with your cut-throat quarter life, eh? And suppose these aren’t enough reasons, here are 6 more to love Artesania.

1.)  Superb interior design – Every corner of the place is well designed. Where to sit? You don’t have to decide. Here or there.


Photo by Dyanne Elcid Barone | IG @dyanneelcid

Everything is put together without one piece  being out of place.

IG @dyanneelcid

Accessories are arranged in a way without looking excessive.



2.) 100% Local – You couldn’t be any proud here. Every wonderful pieces is handcrafted by Filipinos using materials made here in Philippines.

Photo by Dyanne Elcid Barone | IG @dyannelcid

Products here are made out of passion of Filipinos, passed on legacy of Filipino families, or for support for Filipino humanitarian groups. I heard stuff made out of these have undeniable charm.

IG @dyannelcid

3.) Caffeined – young girls want beer all night and you? You only want your coffee hot and fresh. Caffeined is a coffee shop inside Artesania that brews artisan roasted coffee. Imagine choosing Benguet coffee over your Starbucks cafe macchiato.

ArtesaniaEven the coffee cups are eco friendly.


Tassel earrings from SHOPSTREETMNL | IG @shopstreetmnl

4.) Organic body products – we are taking fancy of organic products not because we are getting old or yeah, maybe we are getting old. Artesania are also merchandising organic beauty and body products that is good for you and good for the Earth.

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5.) Crafting/Design Workshops – Artesania hosts interesting workshops for any range of age including kids. Some of the workshops are clay pottery, toy making and interior styling workshops. You can check out their fb page for workshop updates.

6.) Pictorial Set up – Because Artesania is just that kind, they also permit pictorial of pre-nup or any pictorial events.


Thank you SHOPSTREETMNL for the tassel earrings! | IG @shopstreemnl



Hello Dyanne, my photographer and blog consultant hehe.

And while finding the best coffee shop is all fun like finding yourself (or the one, yeah) Travelberries hope your visit to Artesania is worth your every time!


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18 thoughts on “Artesania | Furniture Showroom and Coffee Shop

  1. It seems like Artesania has a lot going on for themselves. I would love to visit a place like this, if we had one where I lived. Love that coffee mug!

  2. Oh wow, I am impressed with this coffee shop. I would love to go here. Those coffee cups are amazing.

  3. Oh my gosh I love that wood table! If I can for that I would totally buy that. It is exactly what I want in my house. I’ve never even heard of this furniture store but it looks like it has stuff that I love.

  4. From the looks of your photos you have found the perfect coffee shop to hang out in anytime of day. Decor is attractive and sure the coffee and everything else is delicious.

  5. Oh my goodness what a beautiful looking furniture showroom, it looks like they offer pieces that are really unqiue and that mug for your coffee how cute!

  6. That is a fun showroom! I like that it has a coffee shop built in, it would make me want to shop there more.

  7. This seems like a great place to shop, relax, recharge or meet someone for coffee! I like that it is so beautifully decorated with a ton of seating options.

  8. Wow, I love all the pictures! Those eco friendly coffee cups are really cool, and what a neat touch that things are locally produced in the Phillipines.

  9. I love coffee and i love furniture! Hmmm will try one of these days. Nice pic! More of this please:)

  10. That giant natural wood table is really impressive! Wish had room in my house for something like that. Maybe one day I’ll have that dream summer cottage with a rustic theme to put it in.

  11. What a cool concept! I love going to vintage and modern furniture store and it would be super cool to be able to linger and really try out the furniture while sipping a cappuccino.

  12. What a fun place to shop or hang out. I wish more places were as shopper friendly. And with good customer service.

  13. I love wood interiors and those pieces really appeal to me. That sure looks like an awesome furniture showroom! Well, if course, the coffee shop was a pleasant addition to the place.

  14. Indeed very awesome furnitures they have! Who would not love these items. I love the coffee eco-friendly mug too! Would love to experience the place as well.

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