These Are Why Baby Doll Dress Is Taking Over Shopee

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Next to the Paubaya dress of Julia, this Baby Doll Dress is also taking over Shopee! You probably encountered this dress a few times worn by celebrities or most likely your fave fashion influencers had them on their IG stories.

baby doll dress shopee

Baby doll dresses are those that fit nicely across shoulders and the skirt drops nicely from the bust down to few inches above the knee. A dress you can’t ignore in Shopee and will make you click, Find Similar!! So here are a few of the reasons why this kind of dress is a must-have.

1.) So much history in this dress

baby doll dress history
  • This dress came out first as a nightwear during 1940’s from the American lingerie designer, Sylvia Pedlar. And because of the fabric shortage during WWII, nightgowns were cut very very short calling it babydoll dress. See, even a fabric shortage couldn’t stop women from wearing lingerie!
baby doll dress history

2.) Feminist dress

  • This came out as daywear in the ’60s as a form of feminine liberation from the norm of narrow waists corsetry, and social conservatism as by couturiers, Balenciaga, and Givenchy.

Sketch for a baby doll dress and the final garment, 1959Courtesy of Archives Balenciaga, Paris

baby doll dress shopee

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3.) Square Neckline and French retro sleeves!

  • Square necks could accentuate your collar area without the worry of plunging too much unnecessary skin. Hence the achieved sexy feminine look without being a tease!!

baby doll dress shopee

  • With all the fashion comebacks, the French retro sleeves are my fave!! It’s like wearing a renaissance feel in contrast with modernity. The voluminous sleeves automatically add depth and drama to your look. Could also hide flabby arms!

baby doll dress shopee

4.) You could never go wrong with the size

  • Getting the wrong size is one of the major problems of ordering clothes online. With the loose fit of the baby doll dress, getting the wrong size wouldn’t be much of a problem. The structured form of the dress will do the trick!

baby doll dress shopee

This is where I got my baby doll dress. Some baby doll dresses are overpriced in IG shops and this store is fairly priced!

baby doll dress shopee

5.) Hide belly bulges or flappy arms

  • Let’s face it, we don’t feel body-positive all the time. There are days when we feel body-neutral like it’s ok if we acknowledge that we have PMS bloat or buffet bloat or flappy arms. And the baby doll could save the day!

baby doll dress shopee

6.) The overall lewk!

  • Three things – laidback, sweet, and easy-comfy!

baby doll dress shopee

baby doll dress shopee


So it’s easy to think that this baby doll dress is a symbol of women’s strength for liberation from the social norm and still looking sweet and feminine!

13 thoughts on “These Are Why Baby Doll Dress Is Taking Over Shopee

  1. I love that style on you and all the different dresses were so cute. I am short but I think I can pull off this look too.

  2. I really like this doll dresses, so cute, but I prefer the darker colors.

  3. Such cute dresses. And I don’t have a baby doll dress in my closet. I may have to get one. 🙂

  4. Those dresses look really cute on you! I prefer wearing longer dresses, but I love the style on other people.

  5. They’re so cute and airy. The most comfy dresses out there!

  6. They are such a cute and comfy way to wear. I would love to check some of these out.

  7. The say there is nothing new under the sun and that what was old becomes new again and these dresses are a great example of that.

  8. Love it too! This baby doll dress looks very nice and comfy. A must have for summer!

  9. These are all looks a lovely dress and looks good on you

  10. I so love the look! Indeed fashion is really going back from time to time! Love how comfy and fashionable it looks!

  11. This look is super cute, I have to add one to my wardrobe.

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