Boracay Tour Guide Recommendations

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This could just be another Boracay blog post around the internet. Everyone knows how pretty Boracay is, and no one could dare speak less of it. But today, it is about appreciation and stories of local tour guides of Boracay who are making the place all the more ~beautiful.
Boracay Tour guide

Crystal Kayak with Kuya Khane Casidsid of Puka Beach

When doing activities in Boracay, it would be more helpful for the locals to do it on the island of Puka since it is somehow a preserved area, and most of the goods and services there are from the locals and no commercial establishments.
boracay tour guide
When I set foot to the Puka Beach, bunch of kayak boat men came and offered their services. I requested, “Sino po yung pinakamagaling mag picture dito 😂”, they all pointed to Kuya Khane. Kuya Khane even told me to refund my money if I don’t like the pictures. And I was like, “Di mo naman siguro kasalanan kuya kung chaka ko sa picture, diba? ”
crystal kayak boracay tour guide
If you are the type who doesn’t know how to pose for pictures, no worries! Kuya Khane is there to guide you on what to do. I noticed Kuya Khane would at first make you do carefree poses.
crystal kayak boracay pictures
Then the easy poses.
boracay recommendation
All the way to the uneasy poses. Forgive my baby belly fats.
crystal kayak boracay
He knows exactly where you would put your hands and legs to create the perfect angles. Even the tilt of your head. Or the direction of your hair.
crystal kayak boracay
Once your feet are up high, always, always remember to point your toes! Whatever happens, just point your toes!!
4 days 3 nights boracay itinerary
I remember this pose was very uncomfy, I could break my neck here if I stayed a sec longer. But I just trusted Kuya Khane and yeah I look happy and painless.
crystal kayak pose
Ang affirmative din ni Kuya pag nag picture. Cocommend ka nya kung ok ung pose mo. Nakaka boost lang ng confidence haha. Mas lalo mo pa tuloy gagalingan ang pag pose hahahaha
island tour boracay
Sobrang eager ni Kuya mag picture. Kasi siguro sobrang eager ko din mag pose?? So it’s a tie haha.
boracay activities
At dahil low-key Maritess ako chinika ko si kuya. Kwento nya, kinabukasan na daw graduation nya. Nag tatrabaho sya para sa school nya at doble kayod sya sa family nya kasi may baby na sya. Kakaproud yung mga ganun noh? How he hustles to win in this life. Can’t wait for your success Kuya Khane, whatever success means to you!!
boracay tour guide
FB Account: Khane G Casidsid
UPDATE: I had a catch up with Kuya Khane months after. At ayun na nga, isa na namang ka-humpy ang naka libre hahaha
Also, thank you ate for braiding my hair real quick kasi dagat na dagat na ko.
boracay tour guide
And of course, thanks to Kuya Chard and Ate Des for “willfully” sponsoring my Crystal Kayak and hair braid hahaha. And thank you for my plane ticket ATE DESSS!! Yaman yaman mo talaga!!!
crystal kayak

Kuya Rey as our Bangkero

Kuya Rey was never chatty. Kinakausap ko sya tipid lang ng sagot hahahah. Baka introvert lang. O baka ayaw nya lang talaga ako kausap hahaha.
boracay tour guide
Contact: Kuya Rey – 09103462020
But I remember he told me they earn 500php per day for a day trip on an Island tour. Hati na silang dalawa ng kasama nya and one tour per day lang sila. So he could use some tipping.

Boracay Tour Guide Miles Brian 

When we went to Boracay, we just booked a ticket and a hotel, with no plans of doing anything. Is strolling on the beach walk from Station 1-3 sound like a plan? Not for the first-timers!! And so, we decided to hire a Boracay tour guide. His name is Miles.

boracay tour guide

We are a group of lazy a**es, but then Miles enchanted us to do the Island and Land Tour, all in one day! He knows where and when is the best time of which in Boracay.

boracay tour guide

The best thing about Miles is he is an Instagram Tour Guide!! Seriously, it is like having a long-lost local friend in Bora.

 coastal cove boracay

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He would know when a spot is Instagram-worthy or meh.

coastal cove boracay
Photo by: @imilesbryan

Remember when I told ya to kill me ‘coz I’ve been to many places but Boracay? Well, you can’t anymore. ‘COZ THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TO BORACAAAY!! Also see my Boracay of Mindanao article.

coastal cove boracay
Photo by: @imilesbryan

This is Crystal Cove and the view under the cave is sooo worth the long line waiting. There is a photographer to take a picture of you in this view.

boracay island tour
And while waiting in line, Miles took me a photo ‘coz he thinks this spot is IG-worthy.
boracay coastal cove
Photo by: @imilesbryan
Thank you Miles for the IG-worthy pics!!
boracay new coast
Photo by: @imilesbryan
Also, his MBTI is ENFP so he could go along with different types of personalities.

Same with Kuya Khane, Miles is also a student juggling his work as a tour guide and his church duties as an organist.

See positive reviews for Miles as Boracay Tour Guide 🙂
To those who were asking where did we stay in Boracay, we stayed in Microtel by Wyndham Boracay It was only 2,000 – 3,000 price range per night with breakfast. AND BEACHFRONT!! Maybe I could do a separate blog for the hotel, or maybe never!!! Sorry my ADHD is taking its toll on me. Umm, see you on my IG account? @travelberries_


Crystal Kayak

Facebook: Khane G Casidsid

Tour Guide

Facebook: Miles Bryan Bautista

Instagram: @imilesbryan


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  13. Such stunning photos of you and the place 😍 I am the one who needs guidance for poses, so will check out Kuya Khane if I ever visit Boracay 😬.

    1. You don’t look like you need guidance in photos haha!! But I’m sure we could use some help from Kuya Khane *wink!

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