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Oslob, Cebu marks its name in natural tourism by its pretty shore line, breath taking falls, and the gentle giants of the sea. And when it comes to heritage tourism, Oslob has also something real nice for you. This municipality is made a little more charming by The Cuartel, Baluarte and the Oslob Museum.

The Cuartel


As an unfinished structure, Cuartel serves as visual presentation of our national history being captured by the Spaniards and taken over by the Americans. It was designed to be a military barracks of Spanish armies in 1860 but the construction was held back because of the American occupation in year 1898.

The unfinished structure of Cuartel does not only tells us historical information, but it surely emanates the charm of an uncompleted masterpiece. Like a should have been wonderful thing interrupted by a tragedy. But it leaves to your imagination the many possibilities of what could have been, like an open-ended story.

Oslob Museum


Near by the Cuartel stands the mini museum of Oslob. The museum is labeled as Glimpses of the Old Oslob. It houses antique pieces that would give you a glimpse of the way of life of the locals hundred of years ago.


This is my fave part. The sea, the breeze, the benches, the lamp posts, oh life. A perfect place to date one’s self.


Children laughing and chasing and fighting and just being children. Looking at them is priceless.

The Baluarte


Moving past the park there stands the Baluarte or Lantawan. From the local term, lantaw meaning watch. Looking at its ruins the 18th century watchtower is undeniably mighty during its time.

What completes the place are the Filipino street food carts. Fishball and kwek kwek are so right with everything at the Heritage Park ?

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