Design Your Life Planner 2019

Design Your Life Planner 2019 – (Scrapbook, Expense Tracker, Travel Planner, etc.)

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If you’re looking for an answer if the Design Your Life (DYL) Planner 2019 is awesome or not (yes or no), this article isn’t for you. This blog is for people who already know that DYL Planner is awesome, but asks HOW awesome it is.

Desing Your Life Planner 2019

Well, this planner from C&S Designs has 9 tabs that would help you with adulting: Goals, Events, Lists, Last Time/Monthlies, Cash Flow, Key, 12-Month Planner.
See how these 9 tabs could help you win at life.

1. Goals

Desing Your Life Planner 2019

We have lots of goals in life and DYL knows that. It has a Goal table for personal, work/career, and relationships. To help you achieve the goals, it has 4 thoughtful steps: The Year Goals, The Fears, The Plan, and Accountability.

2. Event Planner

Desing Your Life Planner 2019
Having a visual representation of your whole year in one spread will jumpstart your 2019. You can highlight birthdays and important dates so you won’t get surprised how days are fast approaching.

Desing Your Life Planner 2019

It includes gift lists so you can avoid panic buying and catch particular items on sale.

3. Lists

Desing Your Life Planner 2019
Or what they call as Listers Gonna Lists. A bucket list must try, must see, to do’s, resolutions, and the long list of ex-lovers Starbucks lovers, lol.

4. Last Time/Monthlies

Design Your Life Planner 2019

This is helpful for tracking regular activities like the last time you visit your doctor/dentist, haircut, or hair color done.

Design Your Life Planner 2019

The Monthlies are very helpful especially for tracking monthly bills. House Loan, Condo Dues, Utility Bills, and lots of bills coming in as you grow up.

5. Cash Flow

Design Your Life Planner 2019

The much-needed template of the year. I have a feeling that it is the answer to my drowning cash flow, lol. It has a helping formula, Income – Savings = Expense. It also includes expense trackers per month.

6. The Key

Design Your Life Planner 2019
This is a password keeper notes. This one, I recommend that you only put password hints. It would be nicer to put your password on your iPhone Notes and lock it with a password. See here how to do it.

7. Planner

Previous years were spent with half used planners. Well C&S made sure that your 2019 has 12 different cutesy themes so you won’t get bored. Coz your #bestdayever needs to be jot down in a cute way.

8. Notes

This planner has enough lined and dotted notes for those who are scribble person. It can be notes migrated from the previous year

9. Travel

This is good news to those who are frequent travelers! The travel checklist and the travel planner here are so cute you would have a fun way of checking your list. Where to travel? SEE: Glamping at Noni’s Resort, Batangas.

It has columns for things to bring, places to eat, and things to buy. Such a cutie!!

Design Your Life Planner can’t stop being cute because they are giving away two planners. This raffle is through the collaboration of C&S Designs, Travelberries, and When In Manila. Follow this link to join the raffle.

Design Your Life Planner 2019

C&S Designs

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