Dreamy Unicorn Cafe

Dreamy Unicorn Cafe | Why It’s for Nostalgic Millennials

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We can’t deny unicorns are kind of taking over the world in a cute way. From unicorn phone cases, to nail polish, to Taylor Swift’s shirt, to unicorn face added to Emoji 1.0. But what can we do, these mythical creatures are just so cute like that!! And we don’t care if the love for unicorn go mainstream.  Travelberries in search for great magic visited the Dreamy Unicorn Cafe at Mac Arthur Hi-way Malolos City, Bulacan. Yes, P60 van from Cubao Van terminal and kind of long ride from the metro but the magic is waiting there for you. Check out how to go to Dreamy Unicorn Cafe just below.

Because we are nostalgic millennials, everything in Dreamy Unicorn Cafe seems to bring back childhood and that for us is a delightful experience.

Check out this smart unicorn dating no one but herself.

Dreamy Unicorn

She’s so delighted with the taste of the Pinkypie Strawberry milkshake she ended up marrying the milkshake.

Then there’s this cool unicorn who eats alone but orders food good for 2-3.

Dreamy Unicorn

Then there’s these two introvert unicorns who turned out to be extrovert when they talked over a jar of Pinkypie Strawberry  milkshake. Will they, won’t they couple?

Dreamy Unicorn

Then there’s this group of unicorns under the mighty banner of, “SAY NO TO ALCOHOL, ONLY MILKSHAKES.”

Dreamy Unicorn
Why is a group of unicorn called a blessing?

We came here to bring back our childhood days and not to be immature with our expenses. So below is the list of Dreamy Unicorn Cafe magical menu.

Dreamy Unicorn
From left to right (1) Caramel Machiato at P89 (2) Pinkypie Strawberry at P179 (3) Ferrero Creation at P129
Dreamy Unicorn
Unicorn Rainbow Toast at P189
Dreamy Unicorn
Starlight Chocolate at P89

Here, we dress the way our mothers wouldn’t understand. But we ask for their forgiveness.

Dreamy Unicorn

Emit your rainbow with these unicorn onesies!

Dreamy Unicorn

And hail to outstanding service and very friendly Dreamy Unicorn Cafe crews- Rein, Jhunel and Limuel! Very nice food and photographers as well! 😀

Dreamy Unicorn


Dreamy Unicorn Cafe Menu List

  • Waffles at P89
    • Starlight Chocolate 
    • Sunny Strawberry
    • Buttercup Banana
  • Twin Star Meal at P350
    • Waffle and Milkshake (good for 2-3 persons)
  • Sandwiches
    • Burger Bites with Fries – P199
    • Bacon N Egg w/ Nachos – P179
  • Rice Meals
    • Bacon N Egg – P79
    • Pork Tocino N Egg – P79
    • Ham N Egg – P79
    • Chicken Cordon Blue N Egg – P79
    • Chicken Tocino N Egg – P79
    • Beef Tapa N Egg – P99
  • Snacks
    • Dazzling Flavored Fried – P79
    • Cheezy Bacon Fries – P89
    • Cheezy Bacon Nachos – P139
    • Cheezy Nachos N Fries – P129
    • Mojos – P99
    • Twister Fries – P99
  • Dessert
    • Rainbow Toast – P149
    • Unicorn Rainbow Toast – P189 
  • Drinks
    • Iced Teas – P49
    • Bottled Water – P20
  • Fancy Pony Creations at P179
    • Rarity Vanilla
    • Knightmare Moon Chocolate
    • Fluttershine Caramel
    • Pinkypie Strawbery 
  • Premium Milkshakes at P129
    • Vanilla Oreos N Cream
    • Strawberry Oreos N Cream
    • Ferrero Creation 
    • Milky Kit-Kat Matcha
  • Milkshakes at P89
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
    • Cookies N Cream
    • Caramel Machiato 
    • Ube
    • Taro

How to go to Dreamy Unicorn Cafe

From Manila area:

Private: Tabang Exit (NLEX)
Commute: 1 ride only from Caloocan Bus Terminal, SM North/Trinoma or Cubao Bus Teminal
Victory Bus/Baliwag Bus/Five Star Bus/ UV Van : Byaheng “Tabang-Malolos, Bulacan” make sure na dadaan ng Malolos.

Get down at any of the landmarks:

Nearest (4-2mins walking distance) : Land Bank of the Philippines/AVON Malolos and Palawan Pawnshop/Eastwest Bank
Popular Landmarks (5-3mins walking distance) : BDO Bank, Mitsubishi Car World (Bus Stop, Jeep Stop), Robinsons Place Malolos
LOOK for Palawan Pawnshop near Eastwest Bank. You’ll see the ARBE Compound Signage (street beside Palawan Pawnshop).
ENTER the street and look for the pastel pink structure
**Instructions are copied from their facebook page, Dreamy “Unicorn” Cafe.

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20 thoughts on “Dreamy Unicorn Cafe | Why It’s for Nostalgic Millennials

    1. That is Starlight Choco waffle. It tastes real good ?

  1. OMG I couldn’t believe if this was real or fake until this end. What a dream. Everything looked delish. So fun! What a sugar rush. Love it girls! I have to go someday. xoxo

    1. Hi Melissa! Everything looked dreamy and magical. We need to go to places like this to unleash the child in us from time to time ☺️

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so awesome! My daughter and her friends would absolutely LOVE this place and possibly never leave!

    1. Me and your daughter and friends could possibly live here in this cafe ?

  3. Hahahaha! Your photos and captions are cracking me up! This has to be the craziest post I’ve come across so far! I love it! I used to be obsessed with unicorns when I was little and I’m so stoked they are making a comeback!

    1. Hahah I’m glad to know we sahtr the same kind of humor ☺️ More crazy stuff here tho ?

  4. That food looks so good. I’m sure my daughters would love this cafe!

    1. Hi Liz! The food tastes better. Your daughter would love this and probably you too!

    1. Hi Mala, I bet all unicorns are whimsical. Thanks fellow unicorn! 🙂

    1. please take pictures when you do. I’d love to see it!

    1. Hi, that is great to know. @Travelberriesss
      May I know what other platforms do you have too? I would be very interested 🙂

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