Cutesy Face Mask Lanyards from Marie.

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Another cutesy budol we found! This face mask lanyard from Marie is worth your chic style and kind support for small-time local stores. Find out everything to love about this.

1. Multi-purpose

I am the kind of person who would tie up everything to my body just to avoid loosing my things.😪 So a face mask lanyard is a must. Like it is super convenient to NOT think anymore where to put your mask if you want to eat, talk, or breathe for a while. Much as NOT to think anymore where the hell you put it when you need it back.

2. Classy and Minimalist Style

Say, you are going somewhere grand. This face mask lanyard could definitely glam up your bare look. No need for dangling earrings or expensive necklace. Imagine a low-cost accessory that seals the classy look without trying too hard.

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Of course, this mask lanyard also goes with your everyday look.

3. Hypo-allergenic and Non-tarnish

Thank you for this cute criss-cross top

We know that it is pretty enough you’d like to wear it everyday. Good thing it is non-tarnish plus good for your sensitive skin. The one that never turns blue-green if you are acidic haha.

4. Hand-made Products

All the love for everything that is hand-made. Every piece from Marie is hand-made by the owner Ms. Candy.  When the business slowly pans out she was able to hire four more people for beading. She was able to hire people that were affected by the pandemic retrenchment. I hope you find the magic of human touch in every bead and artistry in their face mask lanyards.

5. Humble Beginnings

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This is another passion turned to a business during the pandemic. It started out with P5,000 budget and a 2-week website free-trial. This is owned and ran by the couple Ms Candy and Sir Jeff and as the business grows they were able to employ seven more staff. Huhu, the magic of small beginnings.

6. Excellent customer service

Forda goodvibes, this business is 5-stars in customer service. No bots, just real people who are like you who wants the best out of an online purchase. Plust they are offering buy 1 take 1 and free shipping nation-wide. Get 15% discount when you use the code “TRAVELBERRIES”.


8 thoughts on “Cutesy Face Mask Lanyards from Marie.

  1. Aw! These all look so cute and simple. You could wear these with so many outfits!

  2. Oh my! That is so cute I would love to have that my daughter would love it too for sure!

  3. How cute this is! Our mask can get a personality and it’s a way to be a little bit different!

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