FRIEND ZONE Movie Thoughts: 5 Crazy Things We Do When Crazily In Love (or Broken)

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FRIEND ZONE, the highest grossing Thai film of 2019 has hit Philippines this April 10. Starred by Nine Naphat and the familiar Baifern Pimchanok, whom you saw with Mario Maurer on the 2010 movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Well, I guess this Thai girl is really good at bringing the crazy in love with this current top-grossing movie.  Find out the crazy relatable situations below from the movie, FRIEND ZONE.

5. Acting Detective Conan

What is more adventurous than solving the mystery if your lover is cheating on you? It will all start with an instinct (or your trust issues). Followed by a clue. And with every hint that leads you to the answer, it kills you. The moment you find out the answer, at least you die in smarty pants. Not a blind fool alive.

4. Taking Revenge

We want to get even. Maybe cheating back on them wouldn’t be as bad the crime they started off. Only to find out that we can’t, we could not cheat on them. Leaving us, even more, frustrated wondering how in the world could they cheat on us. Fine, this review is kind of heavy for a light, feel-good movie.

3. Seek rebound support, say UNINTENTIONALLY

You are hurt. You can’t think clearly and close to being irrational. All you need is to be supported emotionally because you are losing the grip of yourself. You may hang yourself and you need someone to convince you to get back your feet on the ground. Who else could do that better than a platonic friend? But what happens if this platonic friend gets wreally wreally good in supporting you emotionally? Well, handle it like a platonic pro. And don’t put your friend on the danger of FRIEND ZONE, just because you can.

2. Be a rebound friend, (UN)INTENTIONALLY

She badly needs emotional support to gather herself back together. Who else can do it better than you, her platonic friend? Someone who can make her set foot on the ground again when she hangs herself. But what if your emotional support is getting wreally wreally good it is making a way on her. Pop that little hope and don’t get yourself on the danger of FRIEND ZONE. Because man, she is a platonic pro.

1. FRIEND ZONE-ing people we love dearly

The friendship you built has stood the test of time, you can’t afford to lose it just because you wanted more. Better to have a little love that would last forever than having it all with a risk of losing it all. And maybe because being friends isn’t a runner up to his/her lover. Maybe it’s the real prize.  How about you? Why and how do you keep it as friends? Comment down below.


So that was my kind of sappy Friendzone Thai movie review. ☺️

11 thoughts on “FRIEND ZONE Movie Thoughts: 5 Crazy Things We Do When Crazily In Love (or Broken)

  1. This sounds like an interesting film. I have to admit I haven’t heard of it before, I wonder if they will show it over here at all. It is interesting when they bring in relatable situations.

  2. Sounds like the perfect teenage movie to go to with a group of friends. Sure the girls will especially enjoy this movie.

  3. I’ve never heard of this movie but it definitely sounds like it’s an emotional roller coaster. I think it would be a big help if it comes to our theaters here.

  4. I haven’t heard of this film before today. It sounds like a good one! Sometimes just being friends is for the best.

  5. Honestly, I really never had too many male friends. The ones that I did have I would to prefer not to lose them and just keep the relationship as friends.

  6. This movie looks like something I would really enjoy. I am going to have to be on the look out for this movie.

  7. It sounds like a fun movie! I know that people often dread the friend zone, but I think it is better to be there than completely disregarded.

  8. This sounds interesting! I never knew there is a movie like this, thank you for sharing!

  9. I have never even heard of this movie. I will have to check it out.

  10. It sounds really interesting. I think my wife might like it. I’ll definitely have to share this with her and see what she thinks.

  11. Sounds like a cool movie. Hopefully I can watch it sometime soon as I think I’d like it.

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