Noni’s Resort Batangas Travel Guide

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You like the idea of camping but you can’t give up comfort and amenities because you are so Tita. That is how the word glamping or glamorous camping could save you. So the Kardashian kind of camping? No. It is enough shelter and comfort for you not to die in a tent if you are not used to it. Check out cutesy glamping villas at Nonis Resort, Alitagtag Batangas!

The View

Infinity pool is life and sometimes, the overlooking view is the deal-breaker. Well, Noni’s Resort here can’t let you down. Nonis Resort is overlooking Mt Maculot on your right and Taal Volcano on the left in the vast of Taal Lake. 

Wind blowing on your face, sun on your skin and you’ve got to thank God you are alive to appreciate the view. The festoon lights hanging will really get you on the laid back glamping mood. 

Types of Rooms and Price Range

The crowd’s favorite is the Talisay Cabins because of its private infinity pool and dining area with the overlooking view. It could accommodate up to 6 pax.

This room type is ideal for private and intimate get togethers of friends or families.

My favorite is the attic bedroom. You’ve got a triangular piece of sky as your headboard. Stars at night and sunshine when you wake up, oh life.

This infinity pool is win. Forget about adulting the moment you plunge in. And you can smell the barbecue as there is a solo fire pit for roasting. Life therefore, isn’t bad at all.

glamping batangas


Check out Glamping Solo on Your Birthday at Noni’s Resort Batangas


The Sta. Teresita villa can accommodate up to 8 people. The infinity pool is much bigger compared to the Talisay cabins. What visitors usually do if they are more than 8 is that they book other cheaper rooms and they would come over to Sta Teresita for a bigger glamping group.

There are nine room types at Nonis Resort depending on the number of people capacity. IG posts and blogs would show you overlooking view and infinity pools, but it would be helpful to know that not all rooms of Noni’s have that view, private pool and jacuzzi. Refer to the table below for the room type, number of people capacity, amenities and the price range.










(2 PAX)


PHP 3,622.5

PHP 4,147.5


(3 PAX)


PHP 5,433.75

PHP 5,958.85


(4 PAX)


PHP 7,245

PHP 7,770


(5 PAX)

Taal Lake View

PHP 10,171.86

PHP 10,696.86




PHP 12, 206.26

PHP 12,731.25



Taal Lake View

Infinity pool

PHP 20,685

PHP 21,735



Private Jacuzzi

PHP 17,535

PHP 18,585



Taal Lake View

PHP 11,340

PHP 11,865


(4 PAX)

Taal Lake View

Infinity pool

PHP 11,340

PHP 11,865

Price range includes breakfast and PHP300/head consumables for food and drinks. In the case of excess, you can add payment depending on the type of room/villa. For exact details, you can contact phone numbers at the end of this post. One tip though, you can save a lot if you reserve over the phone than online. You can even get amazing discounts.


Day Tour/Night Tour

Day and Night tours are also available at Noni’s resort.

Day Tour is from 8 am – 4 pm at PHP572.5/head.

Night Tour starts at 4 pm – 12 midnight at P730/head.

All tours include swimming, use of trellis/cottage, PHP300 worth of consumables for food and drinks.


The place is so nice I was inspired to make a vlog. Check it out and don’t forget to like and subscribe 🙂

How to Get to Nonis Resort, Batangas

I have no sense of direction, (I’d get lost inside a mall) but I was not lost going there alone by public bus.

At Buendia bus terminal, ride a bus going to Alitagtag Batangas. 

Tell the kundoktor, look him straight to the eye so he won’t forget, to get you off at Dominador, Leviste. Usual fare is around P160.

At Dominador, Leviste, there is a small wooden shed there. Ride a tricycle going to Nonis Resort, Batangas. Fare is P50.

Noni’s Resort

Barangay Ping-as, Alitagtag 4205, National Hwy, Alitagtag, Batangas

JENKEY /KIM : 09175960723/09175955129

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  12. This looks like an awesome place to visit! It sounds like it would be a great place to relax and enjoy good weather.

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