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Glamping Solo on Your Birthday! (featuring Noni’s Resort)

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 It is the time of the year again that you don’t know how to feel. Gratefulness and fear will hurl you inside. And while you are a social butterfly on most times of the year, today you just want to be alone. So you want to try something new and maybe it’s time to try what crazy millennials call glamping or glamorous camping. What is more glamorous than spending solo time with yourself anyway? Try glamping solo at Noni Resort at Batangas. Here are a few ways on how to make your solo birthday glamping very happy.

Step 1 – Unplugged Celebration

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No matter how independent we are, we have that baby feeling every birthday that we ought to feel special. We expect that from people close to our hearts only that under wrong circumstances, we get the unexpected. This does not mean we don’t matter to them, or maybe yes, we don’t. So to cut the crap, we celebrate it alone. No wifi for any social media, only GPS for navigation and your Spotify free trial, ha!

Step 2 – Blow yourself a Candle

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Happy Birthday (Your Name)! Does it hurt so bad as they say? No.  Always remember, self-love is king. Now, more than ever. The greatest thing that has ever happened to your life is YOU.

Step 3 – Don’t Miss the Sunrise and Sunset

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It isn’t the usual question whether you are a sunrise or a sunset person. On your birthday, chase both of them.

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 Sunrise could teach us how to trust, just trust the beauty of new beginnings. How the sun light could make its way through the blocking of the trees, mountains, buildings, whatever. The sun light will find its way to touch you in God’s timing. I hope you get the metaphor here.

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And as the sun sets down before your eyes, it means the day is gone, forever. Whatever that is, time for you to let go dear. What you have atm is the heavenly display of sunset. Telling you that the one who made that splendor is the same God who listens to your breathing right now.

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As your chest expands and contracts you promise that your regrets and sorrows sink with the sun. And that is something beautiful.

Step 4 – Bring On Your Spotify (Free Trial)

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At this point in our life, we only need song lyrics that say exactly how we feel, and then we carry on. And take pride to the many many free trial accounts we have signed up and enjoyed, lol.

My 28th birthday anthems were “Gone” by Jr Jr, best glamping song ever! Finally, I can see the light through the leaves! ?

So love the song I even made my first vlog here, ha! And another from One Republic, “I lived”. Oldie but goody.  And I hope that you don’t suffer but take the pain. ?

Step 5 – Be Grateful.

And while your hormones could take you down on your birthday, do not be tricked. Go to the nearest local church near you. Remember the days that you have kneeled for the things that you have right now (your favorite quote). And how you can’t even dare to ask for more. You have so much. ??

Thank you to all Noni’s Resort staff that even I am alone during my stay, they made me feel that I am not. Thank you for extra ordinary service and for taking my photos (lol), Ms Santina, Kuya Bong, Kuya Ariel thank you so much!

17 thoughts on “Glamping Solo on Your Birthday! (featuring Noni’s Resort)

  1. WOW! I SO should have done this on my 40th birthday… All I wanted for my 40th was to get away, sleep in, indulge in good food, and be near/in water. This would have been amazing. I did go to a beach, but this looks SO MUCH NICER!

  2. I could really use a solo trip. We have had such a busy and trying year that I am trying to figure out how to sneak in a getaway just for me.

  3. I have never been glamping, but it looks like fun. I have been traditional camping, and it is not glamorous for sure! Haha!

  4. I have not done any traveling alone, but is does sound great! That resort looks stunning! I love going on adventures and this looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  5. OMGoodness this is birthday gift for real and what a way to celebrate your birthday! Wow, this place is absolutely gorgeous and happy belated birthday! I don’t mine traveling solo at time, more fun for me….lol

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