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How to Fly With a Bike the Easy and Cheap Method | Guest Post by BEST MTB GEAR

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Nowadays flying has become a common part of life. Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or a combination of both, taking your bike along can make your trip much more exciting. Riding your bike is one way of getting to know a new place. Travelling on such kind of trips needs earlier planning and research.

If you want to save some money when you fly with a bike, the way you package it can be of great help. You can always pack your bike in a clear plastic bag and it has been noted that luggage handlers always treat such much more carefully than if it is packed through other methods.

Here are a few reasons why this method of packing is preferable

1) Easy

There are plastic bags specifically designed for this kind of packaging. If you wish, you could make an advanced order for one to use. The best thing is that it is re-usable so you don’t have to throw it away once you get to the other side of your destination; no need to start looking for things the last minute. If you feel like making one yourself just take two plastic bags and use them to wrap the bike with it use duct tape for the handles and frames.

2) Fast

You don’t have to spend hours on end in packing if you are using the plastic bag to pack your bike. This is because you don’t disassemble the whole bike most of the parts remain when you are travelling.

3) Inexpensive

You don’t have to break the bank if you use a plastic bag as a packing tool. Whether it is buying the already made bag or making one yourself, it is still very affordable.

4) Caution

Unlike using other methods to pack your bike for air travel, plastic clear bags show the luggage handlers what they are carrying and they are likely to handle it with much more care other than if it was in a box or bag. Besides, they will store it in the plane in such a way not to get it damaged.

How do you pack your bike in a plastic bag

Good enough using a plastic bag to transport your bike on a plane requires only basic disassembly. First of all check with your airline on their policies if you want to fly with a bike as different carriers have different regulations. After confirming their requirements, it is time to pack your bike.

Step 1

Detach the pedals and parallelly turn the handle bar.

Step 2

Firmly hold the front wheel to prevent it from moving aimlessly. You can be creative and use whatever you find to firmly hold it.


Carefully detach derailleur. You can even use a tape and a plastic water bottle to secure and protect the rear derailleur in transit even if it is a mountain bike under 1000 or mountain bike under 500.

Step 4

After you have done that put your bike in the plastic bag, and your duct tape to firmly wrap the edges of the bike so that they are safe from scratches and it is easier to transport.

Book with the right airlines

Book your flights on airlines with the lowest published bike fees, so that you can pay as minimal charges as possible. Take your time and do research on different airlines. You can also opt to fly first class if it will save on the amount you are supposed to pay separately for your seat and your bike fees.

The first question you need to ask yourself is which level of protection is needed to save your mountain bike from damage on air journey. We have some solutions for you!

Fortunately nowadays there are some notable options to protect your mountain bike, however, unavoidably, excellent safety prices cash. Arguably the excellent bike bag out there’s still the best bike bag, which has been spherical for an excellent few years now and is the selection of a very good proportion of professional riders and the media who travel regularly with bikes.

Have a pleasant attitude

When you are at the airport be polite and polished, even if you feel that they are charging you outrageous prices just to be able to fly with a bike remain calm. Ask questions if you don’t understand anything and answer questions addressed to you politely. You may be charged a bit high the first time but if you behave well you may get a discount next time you travel.

Build status with one airline

If you feel that you will always want to fly with a bike then it is better to stick to one airline. When you become a regular the staff will know your needs and can always look for ways to make your journey smooth and stress free. 

When travelling internationally, you can fly with your bike without breaking the bank to ensure it gets to your destination safely. Remember plastic bags are cheap; they offer an easy and quick bike packing and unpacking technique and they also require the luggage handlers to take caution when being handled.

Due to the lightness, plastic bags will save you any extra luggage weight related costs. The attitude you have also goes a long way in making things easier. 

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