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IDIM DIY Bakery: An Experiential Baking Studio in PH!

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We live in an era where we would rather pay for experiences than acquire material things. And while we can deep dive into why experiences could make us happier in the long run, this blog isn’t about life coaching of some kind. This blog is about probably the cutest experiential baking studio, IDIM DIY Bakery Ph!

idim diy bakery menu

IDIM or I Did It Myself DIY Bakery opened in Manila last May 2022. It is an internationally renowned brand and the pioneering Do-It-Yourself Bakery in Asia, with its roots in Taiwan. It proudly holds the position of being the top-ranked DIY Bakery, setting the standard for this unique concept in the region.

idim diy bakery location

Their main theme is, “Anyone Can Bake”. So even if you have no experience in baking you won’t feel like it is for dummies as the whole environment and experience is designed to be non-intimidating.

Choose your Design Cake

Here, I am trying to look for the fanciest of the cake designs haha. I just want to be a little extra since it would be for my Nanay for Mother’s Day. I chose the Feather Crown design.

Ms. Andrea orients that add-ons like cake toppers that are not on display design, milk tea drinks, etc. are subject to additional charges.

Once you’ve selected your desired cake design, it’s time to head over to the cashier for a quick quote.

A cute band to charm your day!

Locker Space


After paying at the cashier you would be given a locker key where you could secure your belongings. Also, it is worth noting that the tables have outlets where you could charge your gadgets.

Washing and Apron Area

But before you embark on your baking adventure, here’s an essential step to do – the washing of hands & wearing an apron.

The first time that I got to decide what apron to wear, hahah. All of ’em are sooo cuuute!

Ysa and I ended up with a matchy matchy apron hahaha! Simple things like this really makes us laugh hahaha.


When you are all set, you would be oriented about the whole baking session. You would be allotted a table space and a tablet for your baking session.

Baking Process

Step 1: Choose your cake flavor

There are three flavors to choose from:

  • Classic
  • Chocolate
  • Matcha

I chose my favorite Matcha.

You would be given very specific step by step procedures. Aside rom the measurements, you would be instructed when are you going to add this, how much speed and how long you gonna mix, stuff like that. There are also instructional videos so the margin of error is kind of low haha.

Step 2: Choose your filling.

You could choose from

  • White Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Blueberry

During that time Blueberry was the only filling available to be made from raw ingredients. But the other flavors are already made and available. So I just opted for the white chocolate syrup that was already made at the ingredients counter since it is more suited to match the matcha flavor cake.

Step 2: Choose your Icing Design

  • Colored
  • Drip
  • No Drip

This time it depends on the cake design that you chose so I’ve got to make a solid icing design.

It is also important to note that only two people are allowed to bake on a single cake/pastry. And I am with the legit bakerist of Vegas Delight , Ysa Vegas whooo! XD

Covering the cake with icing is also Marites time 🙂

Step 2: Put the cake toppers.

The base price of your cake is inclusive of all the toppers in the design. Should you want to add more like printing an instax photo and and instax holder, it would be an additional price.

Witness the grand coronation of my first ever baked cake! 😀

And of course, the picture of the kween mader. Love you!!

IDIM Bakery price
This Feathery Crown Cake costs P1,599

You can check

Thank sir Daniel for fixing our messy cake 😀


IDIM DIY Bakery Studio

During the orientation you would be informed of the different areas of the studio so it would be easy for you to bake and move around.

Kitchen Corner

idim diy bakery website

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There are two two areas designated for the ingredients. All are labeled and has its own place. It is arranged in a way that you would have no trouble looking for something as it is also grouped by category.

idim diy bakery menu

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Mixing Area


You will never get intimidated by the machines as you have instructional videos on your tablet.

Oven Area


Decorating Area

Waiting Area

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DIY Milk Tea

Make your own milk tea and iced coffee here! You can even print your fave photo on top. Super cuuuute :3

Claw Clamp Area

Meet my new playmates!! XD It was Heaven’s birthday and she decided to bake her own cake. Happy birthday, Heaven!!!

Free Birthday Promo!! Birthday celebrants can bake a 4” birthday cake for FREE during their birth month. To avail this promo, birthday celebrants must be accompanied by one paying companion priced at 999 and above.

Thank you, anak Ysa for baking with me!!

Once again, thank you IDIM DIY Bakery! I really had a good time!!



4/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


Monday-Sunday| 10am-10pm (8pm cut-off)

Book here




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