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Be An Imperfect Environmentalist with ECO WARRIOR PH

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ECO WARRIOR PH —Pretty pretty please, be an imperfect environmentalist so you don’t ever ever feel like you’re eco-burned out. Your green baby steps matter to the environment way beyond our lifetime. Forget about the eco-snobs. It’s your ecological journey so you do YOU.

While it is easy for us to judge ourselves in transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle, Eco Warrior is here to help! Here are 5 ways on how you can start as an imperfect environmentalist.

1. Toothbrush

Choosing a bamboo toothbrush is probably the easiest yet the largest impact in helping the environment. Imagine, toothbrush takes 500 years to decompose. So if Magellan had a plastic toothbrush during his time, it is probably still in landfills by now.

Eco Warrior’s toothbrush is 100% biodegradable. Some bamboo toothbrushes use nylon grades that aren’t biodegradable so you might want to check if you’re aiming for zero waste.

Also, these toothy tablets are a good alternative for tube-packed toothpaste. These are mild, sulfate-free, and vegan-friendly!

2. Handy Cutlery Set

Aside from sanitizers, one essential thing that couldn’t be missing in your bag should be the cutlery set from Eco Warrior PH. Ditch those weak plastic spoons and forks. The hungry should not struggle with bending spoon and fork if you have this cutlery set with you all the time.

Perfect as it is complete with spoon and fork, chopsticks, straw for iced coffee, and for your milk tea boba pearls. Strategically designed to be rolled to fit the most minimal space in your bag.
It measures a quarter of a ruler so it could fit into a typical cross-body bag.

3. Reusable Abaca Face Mask

The most recent threat to our environment, the disposable face masks. As there are no environmental standards and guidelines in making face masks at this time of writing, it would be nice to consider biodegradable masks.

And how lucky is the Philippines to have abundant resources of abaca? Abaca is considered to be the strongest among rayon and nylon both in dry and wet states. Abaca is seen as a big solution to climate change.

And how lucky is the Philippines to have enough human resources to produce these crafts? Filipino farmers and weavers don’t have to be the unsung heroes anymore, let them actually SHINE and be given high regards. Please support the abaca industry.

4. Reusable ecobag

Coming out of a grocery store with this canvas tote is much more fabulous than carrying a plastic bag. Need I say more?

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5. Tumbler

This Eco Warrior tumbler would make you want to hydrate more often! This one is so cute and if you are #TeamKahoy of Home Buddies this would surely spark joy. It’s not a plastic sticker though it is made of real bamboo and is high-grade stainless steel inside.

This comes with a handle that is very easy to carry around when you’re visiting your favorite coffee shop. This could hold up 400 ml liquid which is also great for your tall-sized drink. Though Starbucks had temporarily postponed using personal cups and tumblers, you can still have your P5 discount if you show your reusable cup. Plus the engraving feature can help you find it easily if you keep on losing things, hehe. No one can simply drink in your personalized. reusable. bamboo. engraved. tumbler. k???

About Eco Warrior PH

Here are more reasons to support Eco Warrior PH

  • Supporting locally made products mainly from Palawan, Panay Island, Batangas, Metro Manila, Negros Oriental
  • 10% of revenue is being donated to different organizations
  • Huge fan of “Captain Planet” and it is where their vision of being environment conscious started.
  • Long-term goal is to build an animal shelter

Visit their Facebook account, Instagram account and website for more eco products. Get them at 10% discount when you use the code, “travelberries“.

So just when you think you are not much of a help in saving the world, Eco Warrior PH and Travelberries is here to say that the world is not judging you if you are an imperfect environmentalist 🙂


11 thoughts on “Be An Imperfect Environmentalist with ECO WARRIOR PH

  1. These are such awesome products! I’m always looking for sustainable products to use in my life. There’s too much plastic and other non-biodegradable stuff out there gumming up the planet.

  2. I’ve been trying to become more sustainable over the years. I need that toothbrush and that mask in my life.

  3. I wonder where can I buy those toothy tablets. It’s sounds exciting to use.

  4. This is a nice brand! We should take care of our environment and support more on companies with such advocacy!

  5. I’ve been trying to make these changes too! I think I’m going to get this toothbrush next.

  6. I never knew it took so long for our toothbrushes to degrade, wow. I have to go look for this bamboo option ASAP

  7. These are really enivronmental friendly tooth brush , bag. Love it thanks for sharing this.

  8. Love this! I am a fan of bamboo products. My cutting board is made of bamboo. I would love to have those things.

  9. I love this idea of being an imperfect environmentalist. Well, as people say, we have to start somewhere in order to create an impact.

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