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INC Chronicles Special Screening and INC Museum

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INC Chronicles

Special Screening and Press Conference of INC Chronicles was held at INC Museum last April 28, 2023.

INC Chronicles is a television show that explores the history and community efforts of the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s local congregations. Recently, the television show has undergone improvements driven by technology, making it more visually attractive to contemporary audiences. INC chronicles

INC Chronicles airs on INCTV

Thursday 3:30 PM

Thursday 8:30 PM (Reruns)

Sunday 10:00 PM (Reruns)

This program is a collaboration between the Christian Era Broadcasting Service International Inc. (CEBSI Inc.), which is the religious media arm of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and the INC Museum.

INC Chronicles

Bro. Cornelio N. Cortez, the Director of the INC Museum stated that the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s commitment to conserving its historical and cultural legacy is also evident in the INC Museum. 

INC Museum

INC Museum entrance fee

The INC Museum houses historical and cultural artifacts of the Church. It is a 4-story building with a total floor area of 46,098.54 square meters that serves as a protective site that rooms 17,000 cataloged items with controlled temperature and humidity to ensure their preservation.

INC Museum booking

The museum visit aims not only to provide the brethren and visitors with ample information about the Church’s efforts to preserve its historical legacy but also to allow them to experience and witness the Church’s progress through an artistic and enjoyable approach.

INC Museum

INC Museum Brief History

The INC Museum was established in 1984 and was initially located in front of the INC Central Temple. However, in order to create a more modern and advanced way of remembering the historical events of the Church, a new building was planned and it took 8 years to complete.

INC Museum schedule
More about my behind the scenes on my IG story highlights on

The new museum was designed by national artist, Francisco Mañosa and was officially opened on August 26, 2019, by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.


INC Museum Exhibit

The INC Museum showcases various forms of artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, and other visual representations, that portray the beliefs and history of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

INC Museum

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INC Museum entrance fee

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Level 1

  • Museum Audio Visual Room
  • Children’s Museum

Photo from
Photo from
  • Museum Cafe

INC Museum Cafe

  • Souvenir Shop

Level 2

The galleries here showcases the location of the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s houses of worship.

  • Philippine Floor Map
Photo from
  • Interactive Globe
Photo from

Level 3

  • Historical Section
Super awkward moment haha
Interactive Visual Room

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Meeting Sis Joy and Sis Clariz in this booth! 🙂
EVM convention center
Another Audio Vision Room on Level 3

Also, super nice chit-chatting with Ka Arah Jasiel. Ahh, such a good soul!

Level 4

  • Thematic Section

The Architecture

The buliding was designed by Francisco Manosa, a National Artist for Architecture famous for building structures that looks and feels Filipino while using modern technology made by indiegenous materials.

The large entrance hall looks and feels sophisticated.

Look up and you’ll see 3 levels of splendidly lighted oblongs.

Calculated lots of oblongs during college, but never appreciated one until this hahah.

INC Museum
More about my behind the scenes on my IG story highlights on

Photos were taken by my ate Jovelyn Solidarios. The reason why my photos are all giggly coz she so adorbs!!

Can I tell you a secret? I really felt like I celebrated myself during this night. I have never been so dressed in my life, haha. What I mean is that, this is a little too fancy for my lifestyle. Most of the time when I buy fancy things for myself I feel guilty, like it feels worldly. But for this event, I think it is a good way to splurge for myself. And I am so glad I did!! Ok, bye.

INC museum virtual gallery

OOTD Source

Since some were asking in my IG stories about the pieces I wore, I will share where I sourced them so please don’t judge hahah

Dress: Apartment 8 Clothing

Shoes: Aldo

Clutch: Ladybag (which I borrowed from Jan Ysa Vegas I really wish she would give it to me hahahah)

INC Museum Entrance Fee

Full Tour – ₱350

Children’s Museum –  ₱150

INC Museum Schedule

Tuesday – Sunday

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

INC Museum Booking

Main Line: 02 296 0816 | 0995 966 4715


INC Museum Dress Code

For men and women any attire with sleeves.

Men should be in long pants.

Women can wear dress, or long pants.

INC Museum Address

25 Central Ave. New Era, Quezon City PH

inc museum virtual tour

Let’s connect:



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