Isla Jardin del Mar – Boracay of Mindanao

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First of all this is a long blog. I am quite chatty here because it’s been a while since I reviewed a place. So can I say now that when going to GenSan, one must taste the famous tuna aaannnnddd, go to Isla Jardin del Mar. They say it is the Boracay of Mindanao. 

Isla Jardin del Mar or “Island Garden of the Sea” is located in the town of Glan, Sarangani which is the Beach Capital of Mindanao. It is 1-2 hour drive from General Santos City (nearest airport) and located in the Southmost part of the Philippines. 

There are lots of resorts along Glan Sarangani, and Isla Jardin del Mar is one of the top rated. Isla Jardin del Mar is the usual sleepover destination after a day tour from Lake Sebu. See my Lake Sebu Tour here.

Pictorial Goals!!

If your barkada’s goal is to have beach portraits, it is highly achievable here in Isla Jardin.

Your resting beach face will surely have a place in Isla Jardin.

Noseline highlight izzz lyfff

The arching wood branches are just perfect natural elements in your photoshoot.

Photo by @leavinzon

And all the pretty nature things you could find as props. Use your creativity!!

Of course the generic sitting in the sand looking far away at the beach, haha.

Photo by @leavinzon

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The beach here in Isla Jardin del Mar is very accessible to the guest rooms. The rooms are in Nipa Hut structure which are perfect for me. It has the beach-y tropical vibe and still you won’t miss the necessary convenience.

This is a De Luxe Aircon Villa which ranges from ₱2,500 – ₱3,000. We were four who slept in the room and we were comfy, we aren’t hard to please. As long as it has air condition, hot shower, clean beddings, the lovely walls, imagine if there is no pineapple canvass there, cryyyy! Pineapple canvass is a must.

Like every perfect beach front, all units have a porch. And then you’ll remember all the songs that have porch lyrics in them. Especially in, Summer of ’69.

Standin’ on your mama’s porch/You told me that you’d wait forever//Oh, and when you held my hand/I knew that it was now or never//Those were the best days of my life -Bryan Adams, Summer of ’69

Look at that, a perfect barbecue weather with a pond view. One could Netflix and grill.

Comparing to Boracay

This long stretch of beach along Sarangani, also known as Socsargen white coast is easily compared to Boracay minus the party life, (kill me I haven’t been to Boracay). If you would want a quiet beach with not much people this one may be for you.

These photos are raw so as not to alter the color of the sand.

These photos are raw so as not to alter the color of the sand and notice h



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An ongoing effort to save the environment has been issued by the DENR to Isla Jardin del Mar.

Warnings are everywhere to those who are villains to the environment.

This is a random shot of the sand. Though you could find some litters, you could not entirely blame it to the management of Isla Jardin del Mar.


They have a restaurant inside which costs approximately 200/meal which for me is more than ok but not super ok. I had a picture of the meal but I lost it that was 2-3 years ago?

Flexing my 90’s snack.

Pictorial over watersports

Lots of water sports activities like Band Wagon (1800Php), Banana Boat (2,000Php), Disco Boat (1800Php), Water Bike (300Php), Paddle Board (1800Php).

But since we are not active people, we prefer taking photos because that is what we are, vain people. loljk.

Mama Tyra Banks, tulungan nyo po kami!!

Oki kunyare may nakakatawa

Oki kunyare pera ang mga dahon!!

Ay ano ba goal natin dito

La Luz, Batangas — when we were young haha
And then life happened so we cried it all in 2020
Nung di pa namen alam na magkaka pandemic pa pala

Please disregard how messy we are and focus on how serene the water is

There you go, I hope you enjoyed my looong post haha. This story was way back 2020, I have this lousy attitude of being late, ha!


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  1. That is such a pretty area! You can definitely get some amazing shots there!

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