Unveiling LA PRIMA of Acuatico Beach Resort

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Luxurious staycation is becoming a thing if you are working your ass off and your middle-class paycheck could afford it every once in a while. So if you wanna treat yourself the prima donna way,  you can drive 3 hours to South from Manila and have the premium experience of the newly opened La Prima of Acuatico, where luxury unfolds.

La Prima Acuatico

La Prima is the newly opened wing of Acuatico Beach Resort. The resort is famous for its infinity pool that is recognized as one of the best in the world.

Acuatico beach review
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Kinda lucky to be invited to witness the long awaited unveiling of La Prima wing which took two and a half years in the making. And true to its word, La Prima welcomes you to premium luxury.

La Prima Acuatico
Photo by Rojean Cunanan

The pool flowing infinitely is dazzling under the blue skies. You cant help but to gaze around at the architecture of the surrounding villas.

La Prima Acuatico
Photo by Rojean Cunanan

La Prima guest has all access including the main wing and the beach front of the resort. See Acuatico blog here.

Acuatico beach review

It is located on a higher part so it is overlooking the overall landscape of the resort.

La Prima Acuatico
Photo by Rojean Cunanan

And there’s the occasional chirping of the birds, which to my regret could not be shown here, lol.

La Prima Acuatico
Swimsuit by eika.ph

So I just lay back and laugh at the sun moment.

The 5 ft depth swimming pool is exclusive for La Prima guests for utmost privacy.

The pool’s depth is 5 ft even and there’s a separate pool for the kids.

La Prima Wing guests enjoy access to Main Wing and its exclusive privileges, including:

A seamless check-in that is personally handled by a dedicated staff

Private check-out at the La Prima reception lounge

Complimentary breakfast in the exclusive La Prima Bar

Private pool

Access to Fitness Center and Simona Spa

Daily complimentary selection of light bites and afternoon tea at La Prima Bar

Personalized service on demand

Bespoke turn-down menu

Promenade linking to the Main Wing

Complimentary parking

In-Room dining from 11:00 am to 11:30 pm

Welcome to La Prima, welcome to luxury!

Acuatico Beach Resort

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines 4226

Tel: 0999-227-00-81, 0917-706-91-36

 E-mail: reservations@acuaticoresort.com.ph

22 thoughts on “Unveiling LA PRIMA of Acuatico Beach Resort

  1. That looks like an absolutely beautiful resort. I could spend an entire vacation next to that pool.

  2. I would love to hear the birds chirping while I sat pool side! So beautiful. I also love that there is a separate kids pool!

  3. That is a beautiful resort, Manila looks gorgeous. I agree vacations are necessary when you work around the clock, it’s good to have downtime and focus on yourself.

  4. What a gorgeous resort. I always love relaxing by the water, so this is the place for me. I need to get there one day.

  5. What an absolutely stunning looking resort, I have to admit I would love to be able to put my feet up by that pool right now -it looks incredible.

  6. What an amazing resort! The unveiling of the La Prima wing. looks well worth the wait! Very luxurious and the outside view looks stunning!

  7. I find myself relaxing just by looking at the amazing photos. I would love to get away and spend a weekend or a week at this beautiful resort.

  8. La Prima is calling my name! It has been way too long since I had a relaxing vacation. I bookmarked this for some summer travel for us I hope!

  9. Your photos are so pretty. This resort looks pretty amazing. I would love to stay there.

  10. I want to live in that world! LOL, it is a stunning place and I would love to visit there. I can see me with a beautiful cocktail in my hand!

  11. What a beautiful resort. I believe I could sit in that pool all day. I also like the personalized check-in. That just starts the stay off on the right note!

  12. This resort looks like an ideal way to make the most of a vacation! I would really like to see this place for myself.

  13. That looks like a stunning resort. Now I want to go to the pool and just relax like that.

  14. Oh wow! This place looks luxurious! I would love to stay here but I will need to save up a lot.

  15. What a beautiful place! So perfect for a relaxing vacations! Definitely a must visit place!

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  17. This resort looks amazing. I’m def going to have to check it out because I need to be at a place like this!!!

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