Lantawan View Silay entrance fee

Lantawan View Silay – This is where people of Negros spend their time to chill

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About Lantawan View Silay

Lantawan View Silay is a 30-minute drive from Bacolod-Silay International Airport and a 45-minute drive from The Ruins. And yes, definitely worth a veer off your Bacolod City tour.

Coz baby along the way, you would already be welcomed by the nice view of mountains, trees, cool wind, and a pretty large piece of sky.

Sunday afternoon drive with Nanay and Tatay are some things that fill my heart with joy.

But wait until you finally arrive the destination.

Lantawan is derived from an Ilonggo term, “lantaw” which means look. For when you look dear, behold is the sight to see.

Things to do in Lantawan View Silay

Camping and Picnic

Lantawan View Silay directions

Lantawan is a perfect picnic ground and camping site among family and friends with its panoramic view of northern Negros mountains, cool breeze, and rich fauna and flora of Negros park. Beautiful cottages are built around the place that would seal your wholistic relaxation. Oxygen is life, literally.


lantawan view silay rates

If you are looking for a sign, this is it. Come on, take a plunge with your heart. It wouldn’t be easy it would be dead blue cold, but it’s worth the try. This heart-shaped pool would be perfect while overlooking a beautiful view.

Viewing Deck

lantawan view silay map

Take a selfie with a lush and scenic view behind you.

If you are looking for a chill trip with your parents, Lantawan View Silay would be perfect.

Lantawan View Silay entrance fee


Lantawan View Silay Rates

Entrance rates

  • Adult – P50
  • Senior Citizen – P30
  • Children – P30 (6-12 yo)

Swimming rate

  • P50 – Adult / Children

Cottages Rates / Room Rates

Queen’s Cabana

Lantawan View Silay room rates

  • P2,000 for 2 pax free entrance and swimming
  • P2,500 for 4 pax free entrance and swimming
  • P3,000 for 6 pax free entrance and swimming

This includes one queen size bed, therefore named Queen’s Cabana heh.

  • Check-in: 2 pm
  • Check out: 12 the next day

Sunshade Picnic Table

Lantawan View Silay entrance fee

  • P300 for 8-10 pax
  • Check in:10am
  • Check out: 9am the next day



  • P300 for 2-4 pax
  • Check in:10am
  • Check out: 9 am the next day

Small Regular Cabana

Lantawan View Silay room rates

  • P500 for 8-10 pax, daytime
  • P1,000 for 8-10 pax, overnight
  • Includes raincoat during rainy days
  • Check in:10am
  • Check out: 9 am the next day

Pool House

Lantawan View Silay

  • P3,500 fixed rate for 15-20 pax
  • Two floors with CR and located near the swimming pool
  • Check-in: 2 pm
  • Check out: 12 the next day


Lantawan View Silay map

Guide and Tips of Lantawan View Silay

  1. There is no corkage fee at Lantawan View. It would be best if you bring your own food and drinks.
  2. There is one grilling area, just bring your own grilling charcoal.
  3. Pets are allowed.
  4. There is only one (1) tent for rent so better message their page on Facebook before hand to make sure you get the tent.
  5. You may opt to put up your own tent at P150.
  6. Bonfire is allowed at night, make some smores.

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How to get to Lantawan View Silay

Public Transportation

  • From Bacolod ride Ceres to Silay Public Market
  • Ride a jeep with Guimbalaon sign and get off at Mansanginon
  • Ride a tricycle to Lantawan View

Private Car

  • Waze would come handy and the locals are very friendly to help you with the way. It is a 30 minute drive from the airport

Shuttle Service

  • P200 per person, back and forth, daytime
  • P300 per person, back and forth, overtime
  • Pick up at Silay public plaza
  • Message them on Facebook

Click the gallery below for more photo ideas.

Lantawan View Silay Location and Contact

Sitio Lantawan, Brgy. Guimbalaon, Silay City, Negros Occidental


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  1. The nature and views seem so great. I had never heard of Lantawan before but it is truly picturesque. It is so important to keep these unique places on your list of places to go.

  2. This looks like it was plucked out of a storybook! I would love to stay in one of these cottages!

  3. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers DFW Parenting/LIfestyle says:

    The photos are absouletly amazing. I’d love to visit Lantawn View in Silay. I’ve never been there and I am sure the pictures don’t give the area enough credit. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this so much. I love seeing where people travel and how they experience life. This view is amazing.

  5. Wow, this resort is so affordable..! And it looks so great here, the heart shaped pool and the viewing is so nice.

  6. Wow! The view is totally stunning! Wish I could visit Lantawan View Silay soon and experience it’s beauty!

  7. This is incredibly affordable. It sure will disconnect you from the crowded city life. I wanted to be there so bad.

  8. That looks amazing. I would love to spend some time there. It really does look relaxing.

  9. These photos are so compelling! This isn’t a place that had been on my radar, but it just made it onto my bucket list!

  10. This looks so beautiful. An incredible place to visit – and that pool is so cute!

  11. Wow! The view is outstanding! I really don’t know the exact word to describe Lantawan View Silay. I wish I could be here right now!

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