5 Reasons Why We Love Little Flour Cafe

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Little Flour Cafe, an all-day breakfast restaurant has opened three branches in just a span of one year. That is much wow and don’t wonder why. Travelberries will give you four good reasons why Little Flour Cafe is on its high.

5. Instagramming Interior

The three branches of Little Flour is at WorldPlaza BGC, Salcedo Makati, and SM Mega Fashion Hall. What is common to these three branches is the French style facade. Large glass panes or French doors that would let you peek in to the rustic interior, or the French-style bakery counter.

What is distinct to them is the remarkable interior that would surely pump up your Instagram feed.

Little Flour BGC, the Chandelier Chair

Little Flour Salcedo, Wall of Mugs


4. Freshly Made

The three branches have their open kitchen because they are cooking and preparing everything in-house. They don’t serve microwaved food and coffee here is authentic and never watered down. Only fresh ingredients could bring out tasty flavors like that of Little Flour’s

3. All-Day Filipino Dishes

“Little Flour is owned by Wildflour which is a Filipino grown company. Some people would think it is a franchise from abroad”, says Jao Gamboa, the director of corporate planning and finance.
Little Flour may have international cuisines, but it is their Filipino dishes that they are proud of. “There was a season that we were serving T’Boli coffee from Mindanao”, says Jao. From the main course, drinks, and desserts, they would always have a Filipino menu to present.

Photo by AB Canlas Photography

Beef Tapa, Php440


Photo by AB Canlas Photography



Champorado, Php220 (add Php130 for fried tawilis)


2. Full Bar Menu


This all-day breakfast restaurant has also the capability to serve wines, cocktails, and beer. Each of the branches has wide varieties and very well-stocked. But this is surely not a place to lose yourself, my dear.

1. Pastries go 50% off at 7 pm onwards

Because they only want to sell fresh goods, they offer discounts on later part of the day so everything would be sold within the day. They offer 25% discounts on pastries at 5 pm and 50% at 7 pm. Food is yummier when you knew you got it the bargain price (or is it just me?).

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