Manda’s Bulalohan and Grill

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Bulalo is something that you and your friends would crave when you are out on the streets during late nights. A dish that would be agreed by almost everyone in the group and you just can’t say no to the majority.  It is a favorite Filipino dish of a stewed beef shank with the bone marrow. Something that would warm up your empty tummy in a really nice way. Now this would want you to check out Manda’s Bulalohan & Grill.

bulalo mandaluyong

bulalo mandaluyong

From the word Mandaluyong, Manda’s Bulalohan and Grill serves our favorite Bulalo along with other equally loved Filipino dishes. Bulalo here is generous with good meat and ingredients.

manda's bulalo
Batangas Beef Bulalo (P360)


bulalo mandaluyong
Tuna Belly (P380)



Ginataang hipon, sitaw at kalabasa (P175)

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mandas bulalohan
Look! My pretty Titas all looking hungry wolves over the table. Love them so much! ?The uneaten rice belongs to our ulirang photographer. By the time she sits, almost half of the food is finished.


manda's bulalohan
Walang pansinan mode. Kaen ka lang dyan ?

Second to good food we love videoke to sing our hearts out. And Manda’s Bulalohan and Grill knows that. There are several rooms for videoke while enjoying our favorite dish. Videoke rooms could accommodate up to 20 people that could bring the big group closer together. The prices of the room are affordable and consumable making it perfect for your all-night bonding. What makes it more Mandaluyong are the videoke rooms that are named after the famous streets or places around Mandaluyong, like Boni Ave., Shaw Blvd.

Mandas bulalohan
Second floor of Manda’s Bulalohan

manda's bulalohan

Manda’s Bulalohan and Grill

468 Barangka, Mandaluyong

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