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With all the chain burger junctions taking over our food culture, the search for the best burger is always the case. Somewhere along your search, it is impossible not to encounter Minandal at Barangka, Mandaluyong. And who knows? The search could be over.

Minandal is a popup restaurant in a private home being run by brothers and cousins. The name Minandal is a tagalog term of merienda used by their grandfather when he calls them for snack time.  Like the favorite neighborhood restaurant, it is loved by the people of Mandaluyong. The waiting line will tell you so and for expansion, tables and chairs are set up in front of the restaurant occupying the sidewalk. Even occupying much of the way, but locals respect Minandal much to give way.

And while it is a favorite neighborhood restaurant to Mandalenos, it can also be a destination restaurant to foodies who are always on the go for hole in the walls restaurants.

Now let’s get down to the menu. Almost all Minandal goers know the quarter pound burger. The burger and side fries are well laid out on the plate and a bowl to have a decent dip. Bun size to patty ratio is just right and be certain that every cut or bite has meat on it. We may not know what was done with the toppings but it goes well with their patty. And for the patty that bears much of the judgment is tasty, not dry and not that greasy.

Minandal is also serving carbonara which is well loved by the customers. Milkshakes like choc-nut should also never be missed out. ??


16 P. Oliveros Street, Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City

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