Hiking and Outreach Experience | Mt. Tinucan, Tanay Rizal

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Sometimes we hike high enough to forget all the drama down below. Only to find out that the drama is catching up on us the moment we stepped down the summit. Well there must be something that could get us a little higher than the summit, like an Outreach Program. This is what the INClimbers together with Kayapak, Ka-Lakbay and TWI (Tropang Walang Iwanan) had organized at Mt. Tinucan, Tanay Rizal. Hikers from these organizations put hands together to hold an outreach program in a nearby community, Tinucan Elementary School. Let’s see how an outreach program after the hike could bring us a little higher than the mountain’s summit.

About the hike:

Mt. Tinucan is a traverse climb that has a level  difficulty of 3, assault.

Mt. Tinucan
Photo by Ka James Estrada
Photo by Ka Ramonsito Bautista

Sea of clouds is waiting for you on top.

Photo by Ka Ramonsito Bautista
Photo by Ka James Estrada


Sample Itinerary:

03:00 am – General Assembly at Farmers Cubao

04:00 am – ETD Cubao to Cogeo

04:45 am – ETD Cogeo to Brgy. Tinucan

05:45 am – ETA to Brgy. Tinucan

06:00 am – Start Trek

07:30 am – ETA to Mt. Tinucan Summit/ Photo ops

08:00 am – Start Descend

Estimated Budget: P600

Registration – P100/pax

Guide Fee – P500/5pax (5:1ratio) – P100

Seedling – P15

Jeep cubao-cogeo-cubao – P60

Monster Jeep to Brgy Tinucan – P6,500/ 20pax – P325 *This may depend on the number of people.


Kuya Pedrito Campus at 09193265454/09063331923 – Kuya Pedrito has 100% response rate. He would send you the format of the letter of intent and all that you would be needing during the hike.


About the Outreach:

Arriving at the community you would be greeted by the shy-curious look of the students of Tinucan Elementary School.

See them? These are the times that I wish I could write enough to tell the world that there’s so much inside them.

How about these boys? Who do you think would save his family from poverty? Or contribute much in nation building? Or even discover the cure for cancer? Just please, believe in them.

There were 200 bags and 1200 notebooks distributed to the elementary students. Contents in the bags vary from Kindergarten, Grade 1 up to Grade 6.

See this cute little kid smiling as his new bag is being put on!

Now seeing that smile, I couldn’t seem to know who is happier – the kid who smiled or the ones who made him smile? 🙂

Then there were 200 rubber slippers distributed.

Then the fitting of the rubber slippers. This gave the kids the Cinderella/Cinderella Man feeling when the slippers were put on their feet. Not the fancy glass slippers but we made sure the slippers would not slip off their feet when running is needed.




Basic medicines were also distributed during the outreach.


Free medical check-up by Dr. Yen Ruiz. Thank you for your service, Doc!


What seems to be the highlight to the kids are the games.

Photo by Ka James Estrada

Their game faces would surely win your heart.


How to cheer your best friend.
Trust me, I’m a coach.

One thing that is making an Outreach Program special is the magic of strangers. In a short time we free ourselves of our own judgment, without thinking if we are good enough people to give or worthy enough to receive.


All we know is that at that very time, we have share to them the best thing that we have.


We know what we have done isn’t enough to sustain their education and send them to college. We just want them to believe in themselves because we do.


That wherever life takes them, they should be happy. And that they have the power to choose their own definition of success.

Photo by Ka Reymart Sacramento

And lastly, thank you to my brothers and sisters who shared joy in INClimbers Outreach Program. See you on our next climb!


The organizer of the INClimbers Outreach Program Wave 2 are Ka Gem Calleja who owns a traveling agency Neilgem Project Adventure, together with Ka  Sonny Ligan, Ka Leo Daran, Ka Felix Erano Uy, Ka Mark Danniel, and Ka Rodolfo Gamboa Carolino Jr.

Photos were contributed by Ka James Estrada, Ka Ramonsito Bautista and Ka Reymart Sacramento.


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16 thoughts on “Hiking and Outreach Experience | Mt. Tinucan, Tanay Rizal

  1. This is awesome! The country looks beautiful. But better yet I’m glad there are programs that help bring medical attention to areas that need it most.

    1. Philippines here!! Yes Bianca programs like this need kind people like you 🙂

  2. That looks like so much fun! Those views are amazing! Thanks for sharing. I’m not able to travel right now, so I enjoy seeing posts like this!

    1. Hi, Sarah! It doesn’t seem like you don’t want to travel. Whatever that is keeping you from traveling I hope it would go away too soon! 🙂

  3. I have always wanted to do an outreach program like that. i cannot imagine anything more rewarding that seeing the people and children you are helping.

    1. Thanks to my friends for the wonderful photos! Thanks to INClimbers for organizing this program

  4. What a wonderful program. Thank you for sharing and for sharing your good fortune with these children. You have changed their lives.

    1. Thank you Gillian! Thank you to INClimbers for making me part of their program

  5. Sis! Super love this post! Sayang wala ako! 🙁 Next time ulit! 🙂

    1. Akala ko nga talaga po punta kayo ?? kasi nakita ko po kayo sa events going kayo haha

      1. Kasama talaga ako. Nasa Distribution Commitee ako e. Nag-cancel ako the day before the climb lang, di pa kasi ako magaling nun. Sayang nga e! 🙁

  6. Climbed up to the summit of Mount Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal. The view is truly breathtaking — despite missing the sea of clouds. Earth Day climb Mt. Irid, Tanay, Rizal Spread the impact. Hike on weekdays. Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and the winds long to play with your hair.

    1. Ive heard so much about Mt Daraitan but i always miss the opportunity of hiking there. Hopefully i could enjoy Daraitan the soonest! Thanks for droppinf by, honey!

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