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Bad Hair Days Are Now Over with MydailyhairPH

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Say the stylist went beyond in chopping off your hair too short, or the GCQ commute is making your hair look like a total mess. Whatever bad hair story you are experiencing rn, Mydailyhairph is here to save you.

Mydailyhairph is home of the original “OPEN TOP HAIR EXTENSIONS” in the Philippines. The owner, Ate Kris personally coined the term open-top hair extensions for a seamless glam hair that naturally looks real.



mydailyhairphThere would be lots of girl situations that an open-top hair extension would come very handy. A very important event could not wait for your hair to grow.

Original hair
Mydailyhairph extension

Or if you want to change your hairstyle just as often as you change foot socks. With MydailyhairPH, you would be blessed with an instant-ayos hair like a real sizt would. There are variations of hairstyles that would definitely go with your different OOTDs.

hair extensions philippines

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Also, for travel bloggers who have no time to do their hair due to hectic hotel and island transfers, an open-top hair extension is handier than bringing a heavy hair blower. It saves so much space on luggage, saves time, and definitely looks glam than your blow-dry damaged hair.

hair extensions philippine prices
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So what sets Mydailyhairph from the other counterparts? Other wigs or clip-on extensions that are synthetic looks so displaced on your head. While human hair wigs are good ones but would cost you around P10k. That is so impractical given you want different looks for your multiple personalities.

***Get 10% off when you use TRAVELBERRIES code upon transaction***

hair extension philippines

Open top hair of My Daily Hair PH looks real and of high quality and is waaaay cheaper than the other hair extensions with the same quality. So if you want to save time, effort, best of all protect your hair from damage, choose My Daily Hair PH.

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15 thoughts on “Bad Hair Days Are Now Over with MydailyhairPH

  1. How pretty! This is good to have just in case. I know my daughter would be all about it. She likes to play around with different styles.

  2. This looks like a pretty amazing product. I love the way your hair turned out.

  3. wow! What a change! You look fabulous! I can’t believe that they are extensions.

  4. Looks like a great product! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the look of your hair, it is so pretty. The color matches perfectly too. I can not believe that they are extensions, that’s great.

  6. It looks so natural, I need to check them out. I am looking to own some different ones to change my look once in a while

  7. I’ve always wanted to try extensions. These look really cute and I can’t tell where your hair ends and they bein.

  8. Looks like really nice hair extensions, I haven’t tried one . This one will be perfect.

  9. This is a lovely natural-looking hair extension. Great for dinner parties and quick up-do.

  10. This is some change. Wow! Looks fantastic. I never tried one, but it looks really good on you.

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