NAVI Journal Belle de Jour Power Planner

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FIRST QUARTER of this year, I decided NOT to accomplish anything and just be okay with it 😌 I took social media sabbatical to wag off FOMO. Idk, for a time I just wanna disappear but surely I don’t wanna die I have a good life. I just wanna live eat breathe pray and just be.

SECOND QUARTER and I have to get back on track. No easier way to do it than having Belle De Jour NAVI Planner. 

Navi Journal Belle de Jour Planner

I believe this planner is for everyone who feel stuck, those who need the courage to step forward, those who don’t know what step to take next.

Belle de jour planner

A goal-oriented planner that is very affirmative.

belle de jour planner price

NAVI Journal is also a motion oriented planner. It always encourages you to NEVER feel stuck.

Navi Journal

Navi planner

Belle de Jour

Mark the place you always wanted to go!!

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belle de jour philippines

What I like most are the beautiful words in every turn of the page.

belle de jour planner review

belle de jour planner review

NAVI Journal – Belle de Jour Power Planner





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