Once Again Finding Awe In Travel

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Traveling the world is an impressive and mind-opening process in itself, but of course, there are several reasons for planning any trip. This might involve hoping to enjoy winter sports, or spending time in nature, or learning more about the history of a culture by spending time in calm European villages, or wonderful tropical islands.

Manjuyod, Maldives, Bais, Negros, Dumaguete, Bacolod
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From time to time though, when the world feels just a little flat, it can be especially worthwhile to get out there and try to find awe in travel. That renewed sense of exploration and appreciation can help us avoid taking our current world for granted, as well as giving us the chance to ‘reset’ our thinking and reboot our mood.

But how can you look for ‘awe’ in travel? Surely, the more you chase this, the more it evades you? Thankfully, that’s not necessarily the case. With a few smart bookings and the willingness to get out of your comfort zone a little, and also taking a critical eye towards the best places to stay, you’ll look at the world with fresh eyes once more:

Punta Isla resort

Find Jaw-Dropping Views

Never discount the benefits of a jaw-dropping view and everything that can entail. For instance, heading to the best accommodation on Hamilton Island gives you incredible views as standard, without you having to worry about seeking them out, or climbing a ridiculous mountain to do so. If you have a gorgeous view from local restaurants, or if you can lazily watch the ocean, or if you can write in your journal or notepad in front of a stunning vista, creativity comes to you, and you’ll find the best of yourself.

Lantawan View Silay entrance fee

Give Yourself Time To Soak In Your Surroundings

There’s nothing less conducive to really taking in a local area than to think you have to perfect the ‘tourist circuit.’ Don’t get us wrong, being proactive and attentive is a great idea, and getting out there is always fun. But some travelers feel the need to tick everything off their list, to never miss a moment, and to always outdo their last trip. But you don’t have to do that. Just soak into your surroundings, and let them grow on you. You might learn more than if you were forcing it.

lake sebu

The Best Of A Culture

Cultures have so much to give us it’s almost funny. We need only sit back and listen, and adapt, and really feel the presence pulsing throughout the streets. It comes in the kinds of food offered at local authentic restaurants, at the seemingly endless events taking place here, and of elements of national pride that can help you understand why that culture develops and developed in the way it did. Finding the best of a culture can help you feel rooted to that space, which once again allows you to think outside your comfort zone. It’s not hard to see why so many people feel connected to a new country if only they give it chance to speak to them.


With this advice, you’re certain to once again find that awe in travel.

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