Shakespearean Setup on Your Wedding Day – Palazzo Verde

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This Rennaissance inspired event place in Las Piñas is worth your life’s momentous celebration. Skylights, arches, pillars, lamp posts, water garden, all come together to give you the best Shakespearean kind of celebration. How about a Palazzo Verde wedding?

The Entrance

palazzo verde wedding venue

Nothing could glam up an event the way red carpets do. Make it your runway as it leads you to a Venetian inspired gazebo which you just might find the most romantic.

Forget about vintage Cadillacs, here comes your luxury carriage.

palazzo verde wedding venue

Congratulations, miga Shy and Andre!!

The Grand Conservatory

palazzo verde wedding venue

Let the heavenly bodies witness your celebration as they stream down their light on the venue, thanks to the see-through sky architecture.

The fountain is accentuated by the mermaids which add up to the venue’s overall mystique.

Palazzo Verde Canal

A gondola ride at Palazzo Verde Canal would seal the Venetian experience. Palazzo Verde Canal surrounds the venue and is the first in the country to have a gondola ride.

palazzo verde wedding venue
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Flores

Byzantine Hall

Fringes of greeneries and orbs light up your way to the Byzantine Hall.

The kind of entrance you would find in the middle of a forest on some storybooks.

“See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns.”

The Bridge

This bridge is very Shakespearean –with brass colored arches draped with vines and the ornamental details of balustrades. This is overlooking the Palazzo Verde Canal making it a perfect setting to shout out (or cry over) for your love.

Those lovely balusters on the handrails are the witnesses of Juliet Capulet’s waiting time on the balcony. Awww, sad. 😛

Strangely enough, it all turns out well. “How?” I don’t know, its a mystery. —Shakespeare In Love

Pocket Gardens

Shakespeare mentioned almost 200 plants and flowers on his plays. In fact, he likes making metaphors based on plants.

Palazzo Verde has these pocket gardens that are beautifully lit by hanging orbs and pathways to lead you to more magical corners.

Lamp Posts and Chandeliers

My fondness of chandeliers and lamp posts is very well sustained in a Palazzo Verde wedding. Like my hormones partying when I see these. Can’t explain why, sorry.

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Contact Details

Palazzo Verde

Daang Reyna, Almanza Dos, Las Pinas, Metro Manila

(02) 7966 1145

10 thoughts on “Shakespearean Setup on Your Wedding Day – Palazzo Verde

  1. this sounds like such a great time and i love all the great photos you take

  2. Aw wow. How lovely. Looks like a princess fairy tale dream come true. The Bridge looks so nice and you look very beautiful striking your pose too.

  3. Okay, this looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. Such an incredible vibe, I would never want to leave!

  4. Wow! This place is simply stunning! Palazzo Verde is such a wonderful venue to celebrate. I am so loving this Rennaissance inspired event place.

  5. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers DFW Parenting/LIfestyle says:

    This venue looks amazing. I’d love to visit in person and capture some photos.

  6. That is such a dreamy place for a wedding ceremony. I like the Renaissance vibe to it. The gardens are spectacular. I would surely recommend this place to friends and family looking for a nice place to hold an event or celebration. I wish we know about this place before. This would have been the perfect venue for my niece’s 18th birthday is we knew about this place earlier.

  7. What a magical place! It’s seems like a fairy tail! I hope one day to visit it!

  8. Oh my gosh! Every photo is breath taking! I could really see getting married there

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