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This Is Your Sign to Go to Pinto Art Museum

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This is your sign to go to Pinto Art Museum. Or not. ‘Coz you probably have gone there. You still have to read my blog though and waste some time here. Who knows? We might have looked at the same artwork twice.

Himala Juanito Torres
Gazing at Himala by Juanito Torres

Chances are, you never saw the same art piece the way I did, and I never saw it the way you did. And that’s the beauty of Pinto Art Museum – ‘pinto’ means ‘door’ in Filipino, symbolizing a gateway to diverse perspectives.


And oh, does it come more charming to you if I mention that it is included in  25 of the World’s Most Instagrammed Museum according to  and 8 Of The Most Instagrammable Museums In Asia, according to Scroll through this blog to prove this right.


pinto art museum

One of the most enchanting aspects of Pinto Art Museum is its seamless integration of art with nature. The open-air galleries provide the perfect lighting backdrop to give you the right feels to have full creative experience.

pinto art museum

Gallery 1

Karnabal, Salingpusa Collective, Acrylic on canvas, 1992
Karnabal by Salingpusa Collective, 1992

Behind Hanna is a 12′ x 40′ acrylic on canvas titled “Karnabal.” This is the primary artwork often featured in blog articles about the Pinto Art Museum. It was created by Salingpusa, a collective of contemporary artists, many of whose individual works are also displayed throughout the museum.

The interiors of Gallery 1 is spacious with various elevations, allowing you to capture different perspectives within the same backdrop. Notice the different angles taken, both from above and below pictures that add depth and dimension to your experience.

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pinto art museum schedule
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Gallery 2

I realized that many of the paintings I found myself lingering over were by Elmer Borlongan. Sooo much empathy for the daily struggles of the working-class Filipinos could be felt in his artworks. Also read, INC Museum Experience.

pinto art museum schedule

At my back are the paintings of Elmer Borlongan, The Circle Game, Walang Iwanan, Hating Kapatid, and Manyika.

pinto art museum entrance fee

Disabled Fiddler Elmer Borlongan
Disabled Fiddler by Elmer Borlongan, 2006
Jamming Ground Elmer Borlongan
Jamming Ground, Elmer Borlongan

Gallery 3

pinto art museum opening hours

A little walk from Gallery 3 is a little house full of Mark Justiniani’s work. Mark Justiniani’s paintings often blend elements of reality and illusion. His works resonate with me, striking a chord of nostalgia that isn’t quite nostalgia, you know what I mean?

pinto art museum opening hours

I took his artworks lightly, no underlying messages just simply as it is.


pinto art museum

Cafe Rizal

It was nearly 1 pm when Hannah and I decided to take a break for lunch. The waiting list for dine-in was so long, and we could already smell the aroma of delicious, freshly prepared dishes—we could almost die  at that moment. It was also hot but it didn’t made me less love Cafe Rizal. All the hardships we experienced only added to its overall charm feeling ko lang, haha!

Cafe Rizal Pinto Art Museum

The food.

The food photo taker.

The receipt.

Hannah hosts the AskingForAFriend podcast, where she fearlessly dives into taboo topics we’re often too shy to ask about openly. So we would disclaim it as “asking for a friend”. Hannah ghosts me often. But it’s okay. I ghost equally well, so it’s a tie, hahaha.

Gallery 4, 5, 6

Yndia Joven Mansit
Yndia by Joven Mansit
Mr. Bright Side Ramel Villas
Mr. Bright Side by Ramel Villas
Into the Realm of Consciousness Keiye Miranda
Into the Realm of Consciousness by Keiye Miranda

So this is me during my choker era in 2016. I love revisiting past versions of myself in the same places.

Also read my, Just Another Intramuros Blog.

Gallery 7

pinto art museum entrance fee

pinto art museum opening hours


pinto art museum

pinto art museum entrance fee

Museum of Indigenous Art

museum of indigenous art

museum of indigenous art pinto art museum
Bag is from Thank you so much!


museum of indigenous art pinto art museum

More about me and Hannah’s shooting memz in my IG story highlights,@travelberries_

Pinto Academy of Arts & Sciences for Healing and Wholeness

So that is Hannah waking up like a Barbie looking over the Barbie World.

While me looking down at the people of King’s Landing while they are trying to oust me as the chambermaid of the Red Keep haha. Tell me it isn’t funny.

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Mindanao Collection

Pinto Art Mindanao Collection

You should bring hand-held fan! Super hot we stayed here for a while kasi walang tao, introvert thingzzz hahaha.

Pinto Art Museum Tips:

  • Travel Time: Depending on traffic, the journey from Metro Manila can take between 1 to 2 hours.
  • Operating Hours: Check the museum’s operating hours before you go, as they may vary or be affected by holidays.
  • What to Bring
    • Comfortable Clothes and Shoes: Shoes to bring you to all galleries – you shouldn’t miss a thing!  The whole area is 1.3 hectare. A map will be given to you upon registration even if you can’t read maps huhu. Also, very hot I won’t sugarcoat. So wear appropriate clothes.
    • Water and Snacks: While the museum has a café, bringing your own water can keep you hydrated during your visit.
    • Sun Protection and Hand held fans
    • Power Bank and Phone Storage: Because you won’t get enough pictures in this instagram-friendly place. The whole duration of me and Hannah’s tour was from 11:30AM until 5:45PM. And yes, we had more than enough pictures hahahah.
  • Photography: Most cameras are allowed. No flashes, please. If you want pang malakasang photoshoot, email:
  • Enjoy the Cafés: There are two cafes inside the site, the Café Rizal and Café Tan-aw. These on-site cafés offer a delightful selection of food and beverages. They are perfect spots to take a break and enjoy the scenic surroundings.
  • Check for Special Exhibits and Events: Pinto Art Museum often hosts special exhibits, workshops, and cultural events. Check their schedule before your visit to catch any special activities.
  • Support Local ArtShop at the Museum Store: The museum store features artworks and crafts by local artists. Purchasing souvenirs supports the local art community.
  • Respect the Art
    • No Touching: Remember that most exhibits are not to be touched. Follow the guidelines provided by the museum staff.
    • Keep Noise to a Minimum: To maintain the tranquil atmosphere, keep conversations at a low volume.

How to Go to Pinto Art Museum

From Metro Manila:

By Public Transportation:

  1. By Jeepney or FX/UV Express:
    • From Cubao, ride a jeepney or FX/UV Express bound for Antipolo (some routes go directly to Antipolo Cathedral or “Simbahan”).
    • Get off at Ynares Center.
    • Take a tricycle to Grand Heights Subdivision and ask the driver to take you to Pinto Art Museum.
  2. By Bus:
    • From Cubao, Ortigas, or Shaw Boulevard, take a bus bound for Antipolo.
    • Get off at the Antipolo Cathedral or “Simbahan.”
    • Take a tricycle to Grand Heights Subdivision and ask the driver to take you to Pinto Art Museum.
  3. By LRT/MRT:
    • Take the LRT-2 to Santolan Station.
    • From there, take a UV Express or jeepney bound for Antipolo.
    • Get off at Antipolo Cathedral.
    • Take a tricycle to Pinto Art Museum.
  4. GRAB – we went there through Grab. We paid  P600+  from Ayala SM Makati. That was a Saturday.

By Private Vehicle:

  1. Via Marcos Highway:
    • Drive along Marcos Highway.
    • Turn right onto Sumulong Highway.
    • Continue until you reach Grand Heights Road; the museum is located within the Grand Heights Subdivision.
  2. Via Ortigas Avenue:
    • Head east on Ortigas Avenue Extension.
    • Continue straight until you reach Antipolo City.
    • Turn left onto L. Sumulong Memorial Circle and follow signs to Pinto Art Museum.

Pinto Art Museum Entrance Fee

  • P250 – Adult (18 years old and above)
  • P200 – PWD and senior citizens
  • P125 – Student with proof of enrollment
  • FREE – 3 years old and below
  • Pets not allowed

Pinto Art Museum Schedule

  • Tuesday – Sunday
  • 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
  • Walk-in only (No Reservation)

Outdoor Views

pinto art museum schedule

Pinto Art Museum

1 Sierra Madre Street Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo City, Luzon 1870 Philippines

T +63 2 697 1015

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  6. I recently visited with my kids and we absolutely loved it, especially the beautiful open-air galleries. Your post brought back so many good memories and gave us new perspectives on the artworks we saw.

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