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Paint Your Own Starry, Starry Night at Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo

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The $100 million worth Starry, Starry Night could now be painted by your own hands and hey, that is priceless! Have your own take in painting the marvelous art at Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo.

Sip & Gogh kapitolyo
Photo by Rojean Cunanan

About Sip & Gogh

Paint and sip studio is becoming a trend in some parts of the world and Sip & Gogh is the first ever in the Philippines. It was established by a group of friends sometime in 2012. The studio is also to give tribute to the arts of Vincent van Gogh, the life he lived and how he loved.

Sip & Gogh century mall
Photo by Rojean Cunanan

Price and Inclusions

Regular adult painting session costs P1,000. At Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo, you will have what you need to unleash the creative in you. You will be provided with the tools needed for painting, local artists to guide you step by step, and a glass of wine and cheese to let you lose your creativity. Surprise yourself how creative you can get.

Sip & Gogh eastwood
Photo by Mark Kevin Pandy

You would be provided with 16′ x 20′ canvass, easel, acrylic paint, brushes, palettes, and apron.

Sip & Gogh alabang
Photo by Mark Kevin Pandy

Red, white or pink wine to match the cold cuts, cheese, and olives.

Choose your Painting

Sip & Gogh ayala heights

From the studio, you can select a painting which you want to work on. Most of the paintings are of Impressionists and Expressionists.

sip & gogh kapitolyo

I chose Starry, Starry Night (maybe because I am too grey and swirly inside, charot). This is aside from the fact that Starry Night collectibles are kind of pricey. I believe that even if you have zero art skills, Starry Night would still come out beautiful because of it’s balanced color composition.Sip & Gogh review

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It is composed of fluid brush strokes that is somehow unique to the hand of the painter, making it a carefree artwork and a great expression of the painter.

Sip & Gogh blog

Vincent to Leo, “I must also have a starry night with cypresses, or perhaps above all a field of ripe corn; there are some wonderful nights here.”


Vincent’s van Gogh’s Quotes Corner

Hanging on the wall of Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo is a square of Vincent van Gogh’s words. It is inspired by The Letters of Vincent van Gogh which is a collection of letters he had sent to his brother, Theo. In the letters, he was able to tell about his journey as an artist and his struggle of mental health. He was able to express himself splendidly and exude so much writing talent that the letters have gained a respectable place in the world literature.

vang gogh quotes

“There is nothing more artistic than to love others”. —Vincent van Gogh

Portraits Corner

The bar counter of the studio displays the portraits made by Vincent van Gogh. It is known that Vincent has many variations of self-portraits. It is said that it is his way of knowing himself more. And because he loves people, Vincent is also fond of painting portraits of the people he encounters.

Sip & Gogh price


Museum of  Artworks

Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo is full of artworks that are of Impressionist and Expressionist style. These are all painted by the painting instructors of the studio.


Sip and Gogh

sip & gogh branches

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sip & gogh congressional

Sip & gogh
Photos from Rojean Cunanan

Sip & Gogh Experience

In our times, instead of buying things to own we would rather spend our money on experience or self-discovery.

Sip & Gogh painting class could be a good way to go for our artsy pursuit.

Like you are painting the next big thing, ha!

sip and gogh century mall

And surprise yourself of how artsy you could be!

Thank you so much Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo! Very patient painting instructors.

sip and gogh branches

Also seen on When In Manila:

Sip & Gogh

2/F ACE Hotel and Suites, United St. cor Brixton St. Kapitolyo, Pasig

6320069 / 09778044384

18 thoughts on “Paint Your Own Starry, Starry Night at Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo

  1. I love paint nights like this. My brother in law teaches them so I have been to many of them over the years.

  2. These painting classes are a big thing around here where I live. Some serve wine. Others snacks and drinks.

  3. Paint and sip nights like this are so much fun! My girlfriends and I love to do this about once a month. I ‘d love to have a night like that here.

  4. I love experiences like this one. My daughter and I have seen Starry Night in person, so this would be a great choice for us.

  5. I love the idea of Sip and Gogh. I have been to a paint party kinda like this and had so much fun. I’d love to attend this particular one.

  6. This sounds like such an interesting idea! I can imagine it being really fun to all get together and paint and just have a good time!

  7. This looks like so much fun. I always wanted to go to one of these places where you can paint and sip wine. It sounds like a great time to me!

  8. Whoa! Yours looks great! I would love to try this. Would be so fun to do with a bunch of girlfriends!

  9. This is something I want to do with my girlfriends. It looks like so much fun.

  10. Oh I love these places! It’s such a fun alternative to just going to a restaurant or bar. You actually create something and leave with a little work of art!

  11. I have never been to one of these sip and paint places. They look like a lot of fun, though.

  12. This looks like so much fun! It would be nice to plan a night out with friends and be able to relax and enjoy painting together.

  13. I’ve never been to a paint party before. This looks like such a fun experience. I would love to attend one, one day.

  14. Those are all beautiful. My son painted a similar theme like this a few years ago when we went to one of these establishments.

  15. I love art especially paintings if only they are inexpensive I would probably a collector now. Such a lively design and happy collors that makes me smile.

  16. I like this type of paining classes. looks like so much fun, we can learn and make new friends. Love it.

  17. Wishing we had one of those in Florida. My Little One loves Van Gogh, especially the Starry Night painting. She’d have an incredible time there.

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