Bokeh-full shots at SM North Edsa Skywalk by Chard Pido Photography

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Courtesy of Chard Pido Photography

Photos taken at SM North Edsa Scenic Skywalk
Photos are taken using Nikkor 85mm f/1.8g
Variable Shutter Speed
ISO 400


Achieve that bokeh goodness at SM North North EDSA Scenic Skywalk.

Bokeh refers to the aesthetic effect of the blurriness of the background.


It also refers to the circular orbs or dreamy shapes and colors that the lenses render by out-focusing the light.


To get that neat circles bokeh effect, background should be out of focus light sources and foreground should have little light to lit up the subject’s face.


It would also be helpful that subject is far away from the light sources to make the background more blurred and the lens would render more neat circles.


The sizes of light orbs would vary on the distance of the subject from the light sources. If you want bigger orbs, the subject should be closer to the light sources.


That Starry Night effect background.


Aperture plays a big role in achieving the bokeh effect. The higher the aperture or the lower the f-number, the more the background will blur.


The lens used in this photoshoot has an f number of 1.8. If your lens has a higher f-number, you can increase the distance of the subject and the light source to achieve the desired bokeh.


Photo taken using using Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G. Variable shutter speed. ISO 400.


Chard Pido Photography
Bokeh, bokeh everywhere!


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Chard Pido Photography
Chard Pido Photography


Chard Pido Photography
Chard Pido Photography


About The Photographer

Chard Pido started clicking camera some two years ago. He started taking photos of landscapes, skyscapes and then, later on, venture on business as an Event Photographer. He covers wedding, debut, birthdays, or any occasion. Should you need an event photographer, shoot him a message on his Facebook page  Chard Pido Photography.

Chard Pido Photography

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22 thoughts on “Bokeh-full shots at SM North Edsa Skywalk by Chard Pido Photography

  1. So gorgeous! I love this. I know my daughters would love this in some of their photos. I’d love to get some shots bokeh has always been one of my faves.

  2. Holiday time photos with all the lights are certainly a lot of fun. The photographer in yours is talented but really, a pretty girl makes that a lot easier right?

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