My Sydney Bridge Climb Experience

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I have fear of heights but I did the Sydney Bridge Climb. It’s beautiful, it’s historic, it’s an ultimate Sydney experience.

The bridge looks beautiful from afar. So I think maybe it’s worth the closer look and feel, to be actually standing on its edges.

Brief History

The bridge is connecting Sydney (CBD) central business district and the North Shore. It is carrying 8 lanes, 2 rail lines, a pedestrian walkway, and a cycleway. Tough bridge it is, eh? It was opened March 19, 1932, but it was built 8 years ago on July 28, 1923, planning was way back in 1914, and the proposal came early as 1815. The bridge was considered as a triumph over the Great Depression era as it kept the people employed. But just like any beautiful thing in the world the bridge also has some sad history. 16 lives were lost during the construction and over 800 families were relocated without compensation. It was only in 1998, the bridge was opened to the public for climbing.


  • Cafe – It is required before climbing that you had eaten and you are well-hydrated. The great selection from this cafe might give you your comfort food before facing your fears, lol.

  • Souvenirs – This one has a wide variety of souvenir items. I was tempted to buy a miniature of the bridge, but financial maturity wins lol.

Before Climbing

  • Bridge Climb Declaration Form – Below is the actual declaration form. Certificate of Fitness issued 3 months prior to the climb may be necessary for those who are pregnant, 75 yrs and older, and those who have a pre-existing health condition

  • Bridge Climb Outfit – Now is not the time for a sundress or a cute skirt. You would be wearing a jumpsuit that would keep you safe and warm on your climb. Also, wear enclosed comfy shoes. Your heels cant bring you to the summit.
  • Camera, go-pros, phones – All types of camera gadgets are not allowed during the climb. You gotta be sure of your smile because the whole group isn’t going to wait for your perfect photo.
  • Height and age requirement – You must be at least 1.2 meters in height and 8 years old. Good thing I’m 1.5 meters, though I really look like an 8 yo lol
  • Rain or shine – The climb must go on. Don’t you think it would gonna be more dramatic during the rain, aww? Except for electrical storms and high wind.

Types of Climb

There are 3 ways to climb the bridge based on the climb path.

  1. Sampler (1.5 hours) – Your path is the Lower Arch of the bridge. Here, you reach halfway to the Summit (quarter part of the whole bridge).
  2. Summit Express (2.5 hours) – Your path is the Lower Arch of the bridge. But here you reach the Summit. It is called as “express” because Lower Arch has fewer steps than that of the Upper Arch of the bridge. So when you get half of the bridge, there’s a stair going up to the Summit.
  3. Summit (3.5 hours) – Your path is the Upper Arch of the bridge so you are on a much higher place than that of the Lower Arch of course, duh. So you have 360 degrees panoramic view until you reach the summit.
One for me, one for the direct boss, and one for the very boss of all.

We did the Summit 3.5 hours climb. I did use some little scare at that time. On a Summit climb, there are four available times you can choose from Dawn, Day, Twilight, and Night. With the Dawn and Twilight being at the highest price. I’m glad we did the Twilight because I’m more of sunsets than sunrises. We were 10-15 in our group during the climb.

Any type of camera is not allowed during the climb. The Climb Leaders are the ones to take photos of you so, smile surely.

And there it was. The view was worth the climb. There you are 440ft above water level looking at Sydney cityscape all lit up and seeming alive. The cityscape is never Sydney without the Opera House.

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Group photo issue when majority looks good but you lol.

And there we earned ourselves a climber certificate and a Sydney Bridge Climb cap.

And a USB flash drive which we bought to store all the pictures.


3 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000

1300 90 80 57




18 thoughts on “My Sydney Bridge Climb Experience

  1. Sydney is an amazing city and between the bridge and the opera house there are so many great sights. I would love to go there someday.

  2. I would definitely start on a easy level, but sounds fun! Sydney is on my must see travel list already. It looks beautiful!

  3. Ahhh this really takes me back! We did the sample but I would love to go back and try one of the other climbs one day.

  4. I think I would have chosen twilight too. I am also a sunset kind of girl. Though I’m sure my hubby would much prefer dawn since he’s an early riser.

  5. Yep, twilight would be my choice too because I am definitely not a morning person 😀 Although I’m a little afraid of heights so I’m not sure if I could do the highest climb…

  6. This gives me the itch to get back on a plane! After all this covid stuff, I thought I might not ever travel again.

  7. I wish someday to visit Sydney and stroll on that bridge looks amazing!

  8. That looks like a really cool experience. I like that they give you a certificate!

  9. I’m a little afraid of heights too, but I would love to experience that. I bet the view up there is amazing.

  10. That view looks gorgeous! I’ll have to do this when I go to Sydney.

  11. Sydney is a bucket list place for sure. I hope someday soon to be able to visit there! My husband’s work conference got canceled because of everything. Such a bummer.

  12. WOW! That’s AWESOME!! I LOVE the pics of your back overlooking the bridge, It appears sooo close!! Next time take the same image and point your finger to the bridge, it will look as if you’re actually touching it.

  13. Such an amazing experience that must be done in our life. The Sydney bridge is very famous of it marvelous structure and from a far it’s just so mesmerizing.

  14. I love to know more about places and their history. Thanks for sharing it and your experience!

  15. Congrats on tackling your fear! I’d love to visit Sydney one day!

  16. Really one of the great places to visit when going to Australia. Wish we can all travel again, safe.

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