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Sydney Opera House Blog

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When it’s Sydney, one thing that comes to mind is the iconic Sydney Opera House. This architecture upholds the wonder of engineering and art that makes it a remarkable structure of the 20th century.

Sydney opera house blog

The structure is roofed with interlocking shells made up of precast concrete making it so pretty lying on Sydney Harbour.

Sydney opera house blog

In 1954, the construction of Sydney Opera House was prompted by the New South Wales Government in the vision of building a structure that would develop a deeper sense of community and cultural awareness among its people.

Sydney opera house blog

The design was determined through an international design competition in 1956 wherein a Danish architect John Utzon came out on top of over 200 design entries. John Utzon’s shell design was conceptualized from a surface of an imaginary sphere.

Sydney opera house blog
“After three years of intensive search for a basic geometry for the shell complex, I arrived in October 1961 at the spherical solution shown here. I call this my “key to the shells” because it solves all the problems of construction by opening up for mass production, precision in manufacture and simple erection and with this geometrical system I attain full harmony between all the shapes in this fantastic complex.” – Jorn Utzon

Sydney opera house blog

Just like any beautiful things, the construction of the Sydney Opera House encountered setbacks. The supposed to be 4 years construction plan was turned into 14 years and the supposed to be $7 million budget had a final cost of $102 million.

Sydney opera house blog

Finally, the Sydney Opera house was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on October 20, 1973. The significance of the structure in exceptional innovation and cultivating the cultural community have paved its way to the list of UNESCO World Heritage in 2007, wow.

Sydney opera house blog

The structure is surrounded by terraces. And this overall view is all better with good old friends from college some nine years ago.

Sydney opera house blog

With Mr. and Mrs. Liu!!

Sydney opera house blog

This girl is highly reminiscent of times when we thought resistor arrangements on a bread board is a big deal on winning in life.

Sydney opera house blog

And we didn’t even come across a single bread board after college yet we still breathing now. Ugh, college pains.

This spot has a good view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

sydney harbour bridge

Check out my Harbour Bridge Climb: Everything You Need to Know Before The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

sydney harbour bridge

There are available tours for Sydney Opera Hosue ranging from backstage tours to dining tours. Check it here:

Sydney opera house blog

I personally didn’t book a tour since the outside beauty of the Sydney Opera House and its vicinity is so much to explore given my limited time. This trip is quite special to me since it is my first sponsored travel outside the Philippines.

Sydney opera house blog
Lovers hugging around, look away!! Jk XD

And because the boss is being kind on this business trip, I had my stay on Hyatt Regency Sydney.  Here is a tour video around the room: Hyatt Regency Sydney

hyatt regency sydney blog

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On my way to the hotel but wait, hand me the bagel and coffee I wanted to do some Audrey Hepburn-ing.

breakfast at tiffanys portraits
So I said, “What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” -Deep Blue Something

So there goes my Sydney Opera House blog!

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  1. I have never been to Australia, but it’s on my bucket list. I’ve always been fascinated by the Sydney Opera House.

  2. I have never been to Sydney but it seems like an amazing place to go on an adventure. The Opera house is so unique and it was fun to learn about its history.

  3. I have never been into the Opera House but I have seen it from across the bay and it’s stunning! I just love Sydney!

  4. This looks like an amazing experience. I would like to visit one day with my family.

  5. My husband was supposed to go to Sydney for a work conference. It wound up not working out which is such a bummer!

  6. What a magical place! And your photos are fantastic. I wish one day I can make a trip like this. It would be a huge milestone and crossing the world can be an adventure.

  7. It’s actually amazing how the structure of Sydney Opera House was made. There’s really a lot of fun going on in there. I should visit there someday. Looks artistic and educational.

  8. I was really fascinated to Sydney’s Opera House. Imagine having that idea by 20th century ago, I mean combining both architecture and art is really amazing. I would love to visit there soon looks like a lot of beautiful sights there must be really fun.

  9. Yes, I totally agree! The Sydney Opera House is definitely a wonderful and outstanding architecture. I will surely visit this place again soon.

  10. I love travelling. Now I can travel only with my mind! Thanks for sharing this beautiful trip for me!

  11. I would love for one day to be able to visit the Sydney Opera House. It is definitely high up on my travel bucket list!

  12. What an iconic and beautiful place to visit! I would love to travel to Australia. Sounds like you had an amazing trip!

  13. One day I’d love to travel and visit Sydney. I would love to goto the Opera House.

  14. It’s one of the world’s most iconic places, and I’d love to see it in person some day! I loved learning more about the Opera House! It sounds like you were enriched with the history and the views.

  15. Wow! I would really love to visit the Sydney Opera House one day. I will drag my husband and son for sure. They will love this.

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