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Why More Travellers Are Loving Butterflytwists Shoes

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Shoes can change your entire mood or even your life, since Cinderella time. And if you are a chic traveller what better way could you explore a new place than by walking in a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes? And how about somewhere being comfortable and stylish comes a ballet flats that is just perfect for your tours? BUTTERFLY TWISTS is where its at. Check out on why travellers are choosing Butterfly Twists as their go-to shoes for traveling.

Comfort is the mantra

Butterfly Twists  is known for its technology in flexibility, memory foam insoles, breathable materials, rubber outsoles and grip. They live up to their tagline – Creating shoes that fit like a glove: light and moulded to fit your feet.

Butterfly Twists
This photo was taken in Artesania, Sheridan St., Mandaluyong PH | IG @artesaniafurniture

A shoes that feels like your second skin? Are you into that? Wow.

Butterfly Twists
Photo by Dyanne Elcid | IG @dyanneelcid

I’ve got feet that are wider than the usual width of my shoe size so it is kind of difficult for me to choose comfort shoes. But with Twists technology, the flats are kind of wrapping my feet like socks.

Butterfly Twists

And it even makes feet look slimmer and giving legs a lean look which leads us to the second reason why I love Butterfly Twists.

Butterfly Twists
Tassel earrings from SHOPSTREETMNL | IG @shopstreetmnl


Comfort (not) over Style

Here, you are not choosing comfort over style. You don’t have to decide between the two because you can have it all honey, unlike love. Butterfly Twists offers a wide variety of styles that gives off elegant appeal. If you’re smart in shoes, you’ll just know.

Butterfly Twists
Photo by Dyanne Elcid Barone | IG @dyanneelcid

Behold the quintessential look of ballet flats. Believe it when they say you dont need heels to save the planet.

Butterfly Twists
Photo by Dyanne Elcid Barone | IG @dyanneelcid

Photos indoors were taken in Artesania: Artesania | Furniture Showroom and Coffee Shop

My personal choice is CHLOE. Because when I buy stuff, I see to it that it goes along with almost everything because I do not want much thinking when I mix and match. And the Chloe goes along with shorts, jeans, dresses and beyond. So if my travel is mostly tours I am wearing this pair day and night, night and day.

Butterfly Twists

You are so wearing that, dear self!!

Butterfly Twists

See more of Butterfly Twists featured collections, www.butterfly-twists.ph.

Foldable and portable

Take them along your travels and you do not need much squeeze on your bag or luggage. Leaves your bag more space for other travelling essentials. Butterfly Twists and carry on my love!


Twist it all you like

Butterfly Twists are made for tough times, when life gets in the way it is made for you to twist and forget the norm.

Butterfly Twists

In these days when the world most needed your strength, its nice to know there is a shoe brand that is never holding you back. Don’t let the world wait, girl. Butterfly Twists your life!

9 thoughts on “Why More Travellers Are Loving Butterflytwists Shoes

  1. It’s so important to have comfortable shoes when traveling. I like that these flats are stylish and comfortable. I need a pair of these!

  2. These shoes are super cute!! I have weird feet so I would have to try them for myself to see if I could wear them while traveling but at least they are cute!!

  3. Comfortable shoes are always a must, especially when you’re traveling. I have super wide and super big feet so finding comfortable shoes that I like can be challenging.

  4. I can totally see why travelers would like them. I want to because he can set them on and off very easily and they’re pretty.

  5. These look like they are comfy and trendy enough for all kinds of outings. I need a good traveling flat, I’ll have to check these out.

  6. Hmmm if its comfy then i want one! I guess this is much cheaper (and comftier lol) compared to Tory Burch flats which i am (planning) to buy. Hahaha charot lang #english pa more

  7. I am all about comfort. High heeled shoes look really nice and sexy but not for me though. My arches and my calf muscles would kill me. I love a good pair of flats and yes, those butterfly twists are perfect! I like that they are easy to take along during trips.

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