Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal: Your Ultimate Pabebe Climb

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So you wanna hike. Only you don’t have enough hormones to do it. And what’s wrong with that? Treasure Mountain in Tanay Rizal is something that is fitting to your lazy day. Just a couple of hours away from Manila and could be squeezed in a halfday tour, Treasure Mountain is definitely worth your pabebe or minor climb.

Treasure Mountain
Photo by Angelo Bryan Canlas | IG @abc0531

Just when you think beautiful mountain tops and sea of clouds mean hard core hiking, Treasure Mountain will prove you wrong. Its view can be reached with a minor trek or you can ride your way to the top. Just like that.

Treasure Mountain
Photo by Angelo Bryan Canlas | IG @abc0531


Treasure Mountain
No shame to my pabebe smile! | IG @abc0531


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Treasure Mountain
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Treasure Mountain

Nipa huts are available for free! You can also view sea of clouds from here.


Treasure Mountain


The hammocks are for everyone’s use. You can rent tent here or you can pitch your own.


Budget Breakdown

Parking (Jump Off) P30/car
Tricycle (going to entrance) P50/head You can take 30 min walk, muddy if raining
Entrance fee P150/head Day Tour – 4AM – 3PM
P200 Overnight – 4PM – 1PM
Tent Pitching P300
Tent Rental P500 for 2 pax (P1000 deposit fee)
P800 for 4 pax (P1500 deposit fee)
Pitching Hammock P150 bring your own hammock
Sleeping Mat P200
Overnight Lodging P500/head min of 2, max of 5
Breakfast P120
Lunch / Dinner P250
Pool P100 Daytour
P150 Overnight
Videoke Rental P1000 1PM – 9PM
Bonfire Pit P50/bundle
Kitchen P300 Daytour
P400 Overnight
Kubo P3500 6 guests, reservations required
Lodging P500/head Overnight Use, reservations required


How to Get There

Private Car Via Marcos Highway  Masinag, Cogeo, Boso-boso Resort, Foremost Farms, Palo Alto, and Garden Cottages, turn left
Via Sampaloc in Tanay Daranak Falls, Sierra Madre Resort, Ten Cents to Heaven and Pico de Pino, turn right
Public Transportation Via Cogeo – Van to Cogeo Gate 2
– From Gate 2, ride a jeep to Sampaloc Tanay
– get off at Maysawa Circuit (Jump-off)
Via Tanay – Jeep going to Tanay  Public Market
– From Tanay Public Market, ride a jeep to Cuyambay
– get off at Maysawa Circuit (Jump-off)


Contact Details of Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain facebook page
Mobile Number 09179461200


There are several spots for taking photos in Treasure Mountain and it would be nice if you take it at angles where more clouds float. Basic advice, hehe.

Treasure Mountain
The face when your seat is hurting ?


Treasure Mountain
Photo by Angelo Bryan Canlas | IG @abc0531


Love this momentous picture.

Treasure Mountain

Travel is more fun with nice people around. This bunch is happy go lucky and easy to get along with even though its my first time to meet them. They’ve got a vibe so  light that every traveler is familiar with.

Treasure Mountain


About the Photographer

Angelo Bryan Canlas

Angelo Bryan Canlas loves taking photos and traveling. To roll it into one, he organises travel tours and takes pictures of his tour clients. Aside from the wonderful tour, Angelo amazes his clients by his breath taking shots. You may contact him for your travel tours and get your lovely pictures after. | Shoot him a message ABCanlas Photography

5 thoughts on “Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal: Your Ultimate Pabebe Climb

  1. Sounds like my kind of hike! It’s really lovely out there and you get to enjoy climbing without tiring yourself out too much. It’s definitely worth it especially if you live near!

  2. Just when I thought it would be torture to get to see a sea of clouds, here you are telling me you can even ride to the site! That is just awesome. I have not hiked in such a long time because I am not that fit anymore. Happy to learn that there are places where you can have fantastic views without having the endure a long, tiring hike.

  3. What a beautiful place! I enjoyed all the pictures that you shared. It’s definitely beautiful up there and it’s a climb that I can handle! Thanks for sharing the budget as well.

  4. I love this pabebe version of a climb. I would love to explore there someday with my tropa in pinas. I cant get enough how beautiful the scenery is. Perfect for families too! Thank you for sharing this awesome travel spot.

  5. I think should have to work hard to get a good view at Treasure Mountain but don’t expect much more than a good view and picturesque photos. While the scenery was exquisite it did lack in open space to run around or roam. I am hoping for an entire mountain side to play on but it is a very small area. In spite of the size, we still enjoyed our selves all morning and attempted purify our lungs with mountain fresh air.

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