TUGON 6100 – This gift shop for the #TeamKahoy

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TUGON 6100 – If you are a kapitbahay in Home Buddies (Filipino FB group page for home improvement), you would know that #teamkahoy is the top trending search.

Kahoy game strong here in the Philippines as we are tagged as “Milan of Asia” because of our world-class wooden handicrafts and furniture.

team kahoy
Photo by Samantha Althea Araña

TUGON 6100 is a souvenir shop that could make your kahoy game, even more, lit. This gift shop sparks joy in everyone by creating customized and personalized woodworks.

Photo from www.tugon6100.com

About Tugon 6100

Ok, quick etymology. Tugon is an Ilonggo term that means “message”, or “will” to someone who is about to leave. Most of the time, the person who is about to leave has to bring that “tugon” when he gets back. It could be synonymous to “pasalubong” or a souvenir.


6100 is the postal code of Bacolod in which the business is operating. So putting them together Tugon 6100 is a souvenir in Bacolod.

#TeamKahoy all the way!

The charm of Tugon 6100 is handed down from a family legacy of furniture designers and makers. The venture of having a gift shop started as a home business during the pandemic. After a year of thriving, they now have a small office in a commercial space and hired several employees. Yeet, way to go!

Best for Kitchenwares

They started handcrafting products for kitchenwares. They only use food grade finish to ensure customer’s good.

Who wouldn’t fancy drinking from this wooden cup?? There is surely a reason why wine are aged in wood barrels.

Wood is non-reactive in nature and would not react to the acidity of the drinks. So it is best to preserve the taste. And look at that, feels so homey sipping in that cup of tea.

Not a conductor of heat so you could hold it however you like. Anti-rust and non-corrosive, it won’t scratch your cast iron skillet and steel pots, I could go on blah blah, but I think you get the point. Oh yes, it is anti-bacterial too.


Personalized Items

Our name is like music to our ears, just as a thing is dear to us when it is bearing our name on it haha! Tugon specializes in engraving names in their woodworks to make it a heart-melting gift that works for everyone. They use laser engraving so the fonts are not limited.

See www.tugon6100.com for more products

Ugh, yes Marie Kondo, this one sparks so much joy!!!

All product photos are from www.tugon6100.com

It could also immortalize events as Tugon has customised much event souvenirs.


See www.tugon6100.com for more products

Tugon also specializes your business’ logo in their woodworks.

General Santos Doctor’s Hospital
General Santos Doctor’s Hospital
Flexing my own logo in my own blog coz why not

For a little more than a year, Tugon has been a supplier for both start ups and established food businesses.


tugon 6100

It is also perfect for content creators for their product shoots.

home buddies
Vegan Donuts from @delicakesbyjoan

vegan donuts

Eco Friendly 

Less chemicals are produced in the making of these products. When used as kitchenware, it does not react to heat unlike aluminum, low-grade steel and plastic that could harm your health even.


team kahoy
(Pagod na yung cake!!)

Tugon also makes sure that they ethically source their woods. They only transact with contractors who have permits to make sure they are not sourcing illegally and not contribute to deforestation.

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Customizing any Wood Handicrafts

There are many variety of Tugon Products which you could find in their website, www.tugon6100.com. But they could also customize any wood design of your liking. Just like this food tray souvenir for a wedding.

And this customized counter table top.

Ok so #TeamKahoy let’s just end this blog with a Barry Wood meme just like this. Sorry for my humor.

Just message Tugon 6100 on their platforms linked below for your wood needs, wooden you??

TUGON 6100




0936 567 5822

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