Vivere Hotel : Celebrating 22 Years of Sustainable Living

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Vivere Hotel is commemorating its 22nd anniversary by highlighting its commitment to sustainable living. I was thrilled when I received the invitation to celebrate with them since I always admire sustainable companies.

I took a long bus ride from Makati to Alabang. Those were wonderful moments of changing outfits in the restrooms at the event itself, haha!

And practicing my people skills with the goody goody smile.

Stepping into the event room, I felt a warm welcome from the staff, as they displayed hospitality at its finest!

The opening remarks were delivered by the General Manager, Ms. Elvi Sanchez-Quiazon.

And the way she lit up the room with her wit, how does she do that?!! To begin with, she knows the name of EVERYONE in the room!

Vivere Hotel

Vivere [vì·ve·re] means to live. As Vivere Hotel commemorates its 22nd year, the company wholeheartedly embraces and celebrates this significant milestone by prioritizing sustainability and placing it at the forefront of its anniversary festivities.


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  • #ToLiveSustainably – is to take pride in the craftmanship and culture of the Filipinos

Embracing sustainability means honoring the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the Filipino people. Vivere Hotel endeavors to offer a distinctive experience to every guest by exclusively utilizing a local design and carpentry team to create furniture in-house. They enhance the ambiance of the rooms by showcasing traditionally woven textiles sourced from the Cordillera Region, renowned as the Philippines’ Weavers Paradise, adding vibrant colors and unique character.

  • #ToLiveSustainably – is to take pride in having an all-Filipino team.

Comprised entirely of Filipino professionals, the Vivere Hotel team takes pride in delivering exceptional Filipino hospitality. This commitment to maintaining the essence of Filipino hospitality has been instrumental in sustaining their reputation amidst increasing competition and the presence of numerous foreign hospitality brands. Remaining faithful to the core of Filipino hospitality, which lies in its people, is a source of great pride for all members of their team.

  • #ToLiveSustainably – is to support green efforts.

In their commitment to sustainability and supporting local businesses, Vivere Hotel proudly incorporates products from local sources. One such example is their collaboration with Ilog Maria Bee Farm in Silang. They specialize in creating handmade soaps, using a century-old recipe that has been lovingly passed down through generations. While there are many popular brands out there, Vivere Hotel remains dedicated to offering 100% natural, organic, and locally-crafted products.

These two are my personal favorite from Ilog Maria Bee Farm!

Very relaxing, I didn’t expect it. I usually use it during shower before bedtime, you just have to try it, your sinus and sore muscles will thank you!! The best give away to your Tita friends.

  • #ToLiveSustainably – is to support marginalized individuals.

This initiative is something that is really close to the heart of Vivere Hotel. They wanted to demonstrate to society that individuals with Down syndrome are fully capable and functional, showcasing their remarkable abilities. Through a partnership with the Down Syndrome Association of the PH, the foundation has successfully employed seven individuals with Down syndrome to participate in various tasks within their team. These responsibilities include housekeeping, attending to guests, marketing, photography, documentation, and welcoming incoming visitors.

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  • #ToLiveSustainably – is to support agritourism


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The Nest

Experience the allure of The Nest Dining in the Sky, an extraordinary rooftop bar and restaurant located at Vivere Hotel. Situated 31 stories above the vibrant Metro South, this iconic establishment offers an awe-inspiring panorama of the skyline.

Delight in an extensive array of international cuisine. They even have their own dedicated Research and Development Team, to constantly push boundaries in bringing you delectable comfort food.


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What we had during the dinner were all Filipino favorites. And we can’t think of anything to talk about during the meal but how delicious the thing we are munching on.

My personal favorite is the Braised Beef in Coconut Milk.Yuuum!

Also, the crowd’s favorite Pork Sisig.

Ahhh, the Marlin Ceviche is also something that I can’t get over!!

They didn’t go wrong sealing the meal with this Choc Nut ice cream, perfectly perfect even.

These photos are absolutely Instagram-worthy and deserve a prime spot on my feed. They were captured by the talented security guards at Vivere Hotel.  Kuya Gee Yo managed to capture a candid shot of Kuya Elix(?) in action while snapping a photo of me. ‘Coz they wanted to convince me that I look ganda during that night hahah kakatuwa silaaa like mga kuya oki lang naman akooo 🤪🤪

Overall, the anniversary celebration of Vivere felt like a family thing to me. Remember when I told you I feel anxious every event invitation? I am always like that at the beginning but I always end up super happy meeting new people. Especially with this bunch —very heart warming!!

Super super to have met them in the event. Happy Anniversary Vivere Hotel!

ADDRESS: 5102 Bridgeway Avenue, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1781 Philippines

PHONE: 02 8771 7777 (Trunkline)

+63 977 847-2799 (Room Reservations)

+63 917 804-3257 (The Nest)

+63 917 315 9086 (Events Inquiries)

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