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The Only 2 Bags I Need In The New Normal – VxG Bags

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Alright, I may be lying. Maybe I would need another fancy clutch bag for a grand ball in the old castle that the King himself invited me. Slim chance, though. So as long as I don’t have that grand ball invitation, I would stick to these two minimalist VxG bags that I would be needing every day in the new normal.

1. Black Tote Bag

(Amelia, VxG bags)

Amelia, Black www.vxgleather.co

We all need that easy carry-all bag.  Roomy enough that could carry your laptop, planner, camera, umbrella,  a bunny, or a dove inside, who would know?? This bag could definitely carry all the magical things you need for a long day.

VxG bags

It comes with a rectangular pouch that could put all your small things together. Small as it is you could never underestimate the large volume it could hold. The wide opening will make you see everything inside while still holding up all the *Tita* things together.

VxG leather co

It has the close button that Forever21 tote bags keep on forgetting! Always, always close your bags!! Eheh.

VxG bags
Picture from www.vxgleather.co

Whatever are your plans for the day this bag could definitely keep up wherever you may go.


2. Little Black Bag

(Allegria, VxG bags)

As you could never be overdressed or underdressed with the Little Black Dress, the same magic goes with the little black bag. You could never be too much or too less with a little black bag.

VxG bags
Allegra, Black www.vxgleather.co

VxG leather co

The look of Allegria bag from VxG can give you endless possibilities as it has that minimalist vibe that could take you from day to night.

VxG bags

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This bag’s structured feature is also perfect to KonMari your things. You could see everything inside and know what’s missing at one glance.

Wherever life may take you, make sure you have with you the most dependable little black bag.

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11 thoughts on “The Only 2 Bags I Need In The New Normal – VxG Bags

  1. I love the sling bag for the style but the tote bag is so useful.

  2. Those two bags are perfect for just about any carry situation. They have a great look and are very functional for your bag needs.

  3. Love both bags! I am the same way! One big and one little that can fit in the big one!

  4. I really like those bags. I need a bigger one. I don’t have a lot of space in my current one.

  5. I love the big one. But I often need only the small one. It’s true, we just need only 2 bags.

  6. Both bags are great! I only have one bag that I use, and it is big. I could probably get away with a small bag most of the time.

  7. These bags are wonderful! The color is perfect. I love the Black Tote Bag as it will cover all my necessary things.

  8. I love your little black bag. I’ve been using my Crossbody nonstop.

  9. I agree with you these bags are not only comfortable but also really compact too.

  10. Oh, I love the first bag a lot!! I love caring way too much stuff with me but that is a very versatile bag.

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